BRINGING UP SARA, 1.3 God’s Perfect Will for my Health Part 2

Mar 27, 2023

W&V 2022/27

Part 2: God’s perfect will is not to heal us over and over

Cancer Strikes Again

Not long after the Lord led me into the wellness business, my sixth sister, Elin, who is just...

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The Multitude of Stars

Mar 16, 2023

December 2022

When I was wrapping the Christmas gift for Florence and her husband, whose chemotherapy is not progressing very well in the past month, my spirit felt down and heavy, as though the...

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Watchnight 2022

Mar 02, 2023

31 Dec 2022

Team members in Singapore and China were worshipping in our homes separately, to end 2022 watchfully in one spirit. These are messages we exchanged as we worshipped.



I have...

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2023: The Demise of Men

Feb 27, 2023

14 December 2022

V says to me: “The letter “M” is also about the Men.”

Some time ago,  while in the plane, I saw on the cover of a magazine these words something like,...

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2023: One Voice, One Sound, One Sign

Feb 23, 2023

12 November 2022, Pai

Shaken a little by the revelation of the number 762, I sought the Lord for any way to help the fallen to return. 

V showed me the letter “M” turned upside...

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The Unquenchable Fire

Feb 20, 2023

11 November 2022, Pai

After the worship meeting with the local community at our resort, we made our way to the famous “Walking Street of Pai” night market, a charming hippie-like...

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The Robbery of Our Breath

Feb 07, 2023

December 20, 2022

V asks me: “Sara, what is the mouth for?” as I continue to mull over what He last said: 

“The outcome of the next Mother of All War rests with the war...

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Taking Stock of the Year of the Supernatural

Jan 17, 2023

November 11, 2022

Pai, Northern Thailand

I had thought that when God said that this year is a Year of the Supernatural we would see a powerful display of His power – of the miraculous...

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Taking Stock of 2022: Spiritual Blackout

Jan 10, 2023

November 11, 2022

Figure 1 Pai Lamun Valley Resort, Northern Thailand

While the rest went off on a day tour in the mountains of Pai, I enjoy me-time with the Lord. We are on our annual year-end...

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BRINGING UP SARA, 1.3 God’s Perfect Will for My Health Part 1

Jan 03, 2023

W&V 2022/26

Part 1: God’s call into the Wellness business 

We all know what we need to do to stay healthy: 

  1. Eat sensibly. 
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Manage stress and time.
  4. ...
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