BRINGING UP SARA 1.4: The Dunamis Power To A Full Life

Understanding the dunamis power of God is an essential aspect of COBS life. Without it, Christ could not be resurrected, the gospel couldn’t have been preached to the ends of the earth, and we certainly could not overcome the challenges we face in this life. 

I certainly cannot live a normal Christian life without God’s dunamis power working in me. 

This dunamis power of the Holy Spirit comes only with a broken spirit (see write up on why we are called COBS, Community of Broken Spirit). It cannot be earned, bought, taken by force, or achieved through religious diligence or sheer discipline. It is a natural outcome of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you – so the size of the “house” you give the Holy Spirit (i.e. how much of your life you let Him occupy) determines the extent of the dunamis you hold. 

It Increases in Worship

We also find that as we worship together, the Holy Spirit increases in greater proportion in the spiritual air around and in us. So, the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit increases too. 

This, I feel, is one of the greatest loss of today’s Church. Going to church is no longer about having a time of Sabbath rest with our God. Worship is reduced to singing songs together on a fixed and tight schedule. 




Very few Churches actually worship God during worship. 

It is so sad to think that the temple was originally a place of worship and a house of prayer. Worship is now relegated to an ‘appetizer’ in the church program or an entertainment segment to accommodate latecomers. Next comes the important offering time. Finally, we have the main event: the pastor’s sermon. In fact, it is obvious that when a ‘star’ or ‘favourite’ speaker is not on the program, there is a noticeable drop in church attendance for that week. 

One of the most disgusting things I have ever heard while visiting a Church was a pastor saying these words while initiating the offering segment, “Now let us worship God with our giving” (i.e. money). 

It actually made me sick in the stomach and I had to leave the room as I was going to puke. I soon realised that many other pastors repeat this message almost every week in one way or another before taking the offering. Each time, my spirit would tighten in agony. 

Flowing in One Sound

However, in recent times, I have also noticed a return to pure worship in some Churches and music ministries around the world. God is bringing together One Sound worship again – spontaneous, God-centred and Spirit-led. 

Thank God for the internet and YouTube! Through them, I am able to enter into the Flow – of holy and divine worship with them. The Holy Spirit is awakening our souls. I believe that more and more, we will discover the death within our souls without a life of worship.




“What is Worship?” is one of the lessons in the 4D class (mentioned in Section 1.5 and available as a video teaching in the Library) and I hope it will fill you with awe as it did for me. 

IHOP Kansas City

In 2015, a few COBS members and I were led to visit IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City, a long way from home. IHOP has been worshipping God 24/7 for many years now, and we got to learn even more from the Holy Spirit there. The visit left all of us awed and breathless. 

Entering into the prayer room was like entering into heavenly places. We also learned that worship also means gazing upon the beauty of Christ. As we worship, we reflect the image and beauty of Christ more and more. 

The Prayer Vault

A few years ago, the Holy Spirit led me to open up what He named the Prayer Vault in the city as it used to be a bank vault. It was a small room with no windows, shaped like a cube. One of my friends, Eric, happened to pop by when we had nearly finished doing it up. He commented with a smile, “It is the cubic love of God in Ephesians 3.” 




I checked it up in the bible:

Ephesians 3:17-19, New Living Translation (NLT):

Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” 

I was intrigued as God had shown me the word “Dunamis” on my trip to USA with Jenn years ago and how it is obtained by being broken in spirit. And now, He is saying we need this Dunamis power in order to understand how great and limitless His love is. We need this Dunamis in order to live life well and full.

The Cubic Love of God

Eric whipped out his computer to show me what God had revealed to him some time ago about the width, length, height and depth of His love. God had illustrated it as a cube. He showed me an animation of a cube. 

A cube has six sides and when you open it up – it is in the perfect shape of the cross! 


That is why Eric called Ephesians 3:18 the cubic love of God

I was in awe! Do you find it intriguing too? 

The cross is where God gave out all of His love for us.

Here we are, in this vault, wrapped inside His cubic love for us.

Our Logo of His Love 

A few years ago, my good friend Kelly asked me to record what I teach my members and to convert them into videos. Back then, we had tried to get someone to design the COBS logo but it just didn’t work out. After the move to the Vault, I engaged a graphic designer to capture the concept of dunamis power in brokenness. She designed a hexagon but when I saw it, it looked like a cube to me! 


The animation of the logo is now used in our teaching videos, a reminder of the wonderful time we had spent in the Vault, worshipping in His cubic love. 

It was in this vault that we put into practice what I had taught about worship in 4D. 

What a joy and a privilege it was to be able to hide in the stillness of the Vault to just adore and worship our God. Often, minutes turned to hours as our hearts and bodies melted in awe, merging in spirit with all of God’s creation in one sound. 

All COBS meetings start with, and is all about, worshipping God – in spirit and in truth.


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