The Robbery of Our Breath

December 20, 2022

V asks me: “Sara, what is the mouth for?” as I continue to mull over what He last said: 

“The outcome of the next Mother of All War rests with the war over the mouth.”

Well, it’s for speaking, eating and also breathing.

V: “Yes, what you eat, what you say and what you breathe in or out.”

Ok, I replied, in other words, it’s for survival…?

Then this thought came to me:

“Last chance for survival?”


The word “Consumption” jumps in my mind. 

Ah, the material things. 

Then these words popped up in my mind.



V: “Yes, they are the playbook of Mammon. The lust of the eye. The pride of life. And now the mouth.”

I feel a sense of shame for I am guilty of that too. 

V: “Because of human overconsumption, the earth's resources are being depleted faster than it had ever been and faster than is necessary.”

Lord, forgive me. 

Over Consuming and Overspending

We are sucked into the world of buying and over-consuming, like the whirlpool YY had seen above… upgrading gadgets every time a new model comes up. They offer faster speed, which is perfect for gaming and downloads. 

Many children and young men especially are addicted to online gaming. Many men, especially, are addicted to online pornography. Many older women are hooked on watching endless releases of new TV programs, Netflix and K-dramas that make them stay up late into the night, consuming episodes after episodes, paddling for the next one as soon as one ends.

The irony is this - the very things that “makes life easier or better”, that saves us time and effort, draws us into a world that is filled with more time to fill – for more work, to make more money, to be entertained and to live. 

Life has become more packed, more stressful, more difficult. 

And more expensive. 

Hence the need to make more money and quicker.

Stealing of Our Breaths

With all the information readily available from smart phones and smart TVs 24/7, around the globe, our world seemed to be moving a lot faster. It is getting so difficult to catch up with it. 

Many have become reclusive. They have lost their sense of touch. With people. 

And with God. 

Prayer and quiet time with God are relegated to the back seat because people simply have no more energy or breath left in them. 

I witness first hand stress fractures in many families and people. Even the godly ones are not spared. Just the past week alone, I visited two godly women who have lost their sense of direction and worth.

I experienced it myself.

Starting on a Korean soap on Netflix that was highly recommended, I found myself sucked into it, unable to stop, watching into the wee hours of the night. I felt like I’m killing time itself, and in a way, myself. I remember feeling like I have no more challenges and aspirations in life; no goals to work towards now that I have all that I need materially and the children are independent grown-ups; that the only thing left for me is just to fill up my time with these until the day that I die! 

I could almost hear this voice telling me that. This is eerie and is definitely demonic, now that I think of it. 

I thank God for opening my eyes to remember His plan, His vision for my life for the next 20 years. And that is just my training period. I awoke from my drunken stupor and told myself that I do not want to lose my life over these, begging God to help me stay away.

I understand now what V is saying about breathing – Babylon is literally sucking our breaths away. We are stuck in this modern-day malaise of over-consumption.


But let me say this. There is nothing wrong with purchasing beautiful things. I reward myself from time to time, on special occasions, or after completing a major undertaking. God is a Master Creator, just look at how beautiful Mother Nature is. 

However, the God I know does not waste. Nor is He vain. Only Satan is. 

We are His beloved children and we do not have to live like a pauper. I work hard to earn my keep, honestly and gratefully. I enjoy the fruit of my labour, sharing it generously with my loved ones and with whoever God asks me to. I spend within my means, always leaving a margin for savings or hard times.

Spend, just don’t be foolish with your spending,” I feel this is what V is saying. 

“Be generous but also be wise. Don’t waste, don’t overspend, don’t over-consume. Watch against the seduction of Babylon so that you don’t get robbed and trapped by the evil one. “

V reminds me of the vision of the dumb elephant He showed me shortly after our return from the retreat in Pai. That kind of says it all, the precarious position that some have unwittingly allowed the devil to subtly put themselves in. 

This I will continue in the next post.



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