2023: One Voice, One Sound, One Sign

12 November 2022, Pai

Shaken a little by the revelation of the number 762, I sought the Lord for any way to help the fallen to return. 

V showed me the letter “M” turned upside down to double “V”s.


I have seen the “V” bird formation twice in the past two months, something I have not seen for a while now. 

So I started to let V show me what is it He is saying. 


V said, for COBS, as both SG and YY have returned, our V flight formation has become stronger. Led by V himself. I am very pleased as it means it is time for me to take a break and fly behind them. They will take the lead.

V smiles and says, “This will be a very strong formation.” 

Yes, indeed, the power is double, with the anointing of these four in position:

  1. SG & YL (Joanna)
  2. YY and Florence


“M”: God’s Missile Defence System

Then I saw three “1”, side by side, very upright. 


 V: “They are the three things that YY heard and saw on Oct 28, 2022:

  • One Voice
  • One Sound
  • One Sign

These will forever resound in Heaven and on Earth”


A thought sprung to mind: Another “M”, the “111” is God’s Missile Defence System.

For more than a decade, we have been led by One Voice, worshipping God in One Sound, together with the sound of heaven, so what is the One Sign, I wondered?


My Three Halos

V reminded me of the picture PC had taken of me while the rest had gone ahead on our road trip to the mountain of Doi Inthanon National Park, the highest point in Thailand. 

PC was quite amused when she showed me the picture.


Hahaha, three halos. Are they my crowns?, I asked V, who then replied, “It is the 111, One Voice, One Sound, One Sign”.

I thought it signified unity. And indeed, I am pleased with the unity in the team, which is critical to the “V” flight.

V continued: “The battles you have fought are high level ones, in high places. But this is just a practice run. There will be three years of very, very high-level warfare, from 2024 to 2026. You have seen what Mammon can do to people’s minds. Even godly people and godly nations are not spared. When it comes to your country, your city, your home:

  • Let your light be the beacon of hope
  • Let your star guide people home
  • Let the unity of 111 be the greatest defense against the enemy.”

Glad that God has it all covered, I felt so much assured. 

It was nearly two months after we left Pai and returned home that I discovered what the 1 Sign was.



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