2023: The Demise of Men

14 December 2022

V says to me: “The letter “M” is also about the Men.”

Some time ago,  while in the plane, I saw on the cover of a magazine these words something like, “Are the children okay?”   

It was then I heard V say, “The women and children are okay but the men are not okay.”

In 2018, V said that this is the Year of the Women. A Year where ordinary women, not politicians or women in power, but common women working at home or outside, often disregarded and unnoticed, who will feature prominently. 

Since then, many such women have bravely spoken out against all the abuse women had suffered under men for decades and even for generations, from the US, to Europe, and to the East, like India, Iran, Afghanistan, China and South Korea, where discrimination and assault against women, especially the poor, are cruel and wanton.


Women in the World Arising

The “Me-too” movement exposed decades of rapes and sex grooming in the entertainment industry all over the world, and is still being unravelled as of this day. 

Wikipedia reports:

“Analyses of the movement often point to the prevalence of sexual violence, which has been estimated by the World Health Organization to affect one-third of all women worldwide.”

I am a regular donor to the organisation “Exodus Cry” after getting to know them on a trip to Kansas City in 2015. They embarked on a mission to rescue women being trafficked for sex and to expose the sex trafficking industry. 

Extract from their website: 

“The sexual exploitation industry is driven by the demand of men and necessitates a constant supply of women and children who are sold for the profit of pimps, traffickers, and other predatory stakeholders.” 

Another movement I support, the Justice Defense Fund, founded and led by Laila Mickelwait, started a global #Traffickinghub movement, petitioning to hold a huge pornography website accountable for enabling and profiting from the sex trafficking and criminal sexual exploitation of countless victims, including rape victims and children. The Traffickinghub petition has been signed by over 2.2 million people from 192 countries. The movement and its impact have been covered in thousands of media pieces globally and over 600 organisations have participated in the effort (information extracted from their website).


The Spirit of Saul

V tells me that Men have been under the domination of the spirit of Saul. 

First, they have taken the bait of Mammon (the love of money and power) and succumbed to the seduction of Babylon (lust of the eye and the  flesh). They are all sucked into this whirlpool of lustful desires and addictions, like what YY saw last October   https://www.communityofbrokenspirit.org/blog/2023-the-war-over-the-mouth 

Even the Men of God have fallen spectacularly. Yes, we now know of the rape of young boys and girls in the Catholic Church for decades and the many sex scandals in many other Churches. I won’t be surprised if these men of the cloth are also addicted to pornography. 

Like Saul, instead of repenting before God, they exhibit pride, ego and arrogance, like they are entitled. The powerful, even royalty, and the Church, use money and connections to cover their tracks, gagging victims and their families and whistleblowers. 

Perhaps, their day of reckoning will come this year. And they will face the unquenchable fire, the “762”, for their heinous crimes against women and children.


The Demise of Men

V prompts me to google “men hooked on pornography or violent games” and I was stunned that  there are so many links to this topic.

 A special report by CNN titled “The Demise of Guys: How video games and porn are ruining a generation” caught my eye in particular. 

 It is jointly written by a world renowned professor emeritus at Stanford University Psychologist, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, and an artist and psychologist Nikita Duncan, on May 24, 2022. https://www.cnn.com/2012/05/23/health/living-well/demise-of-guys/index.html

 The report concludes 

Young men -- who play video games and use porn the most -- are being digitally rewired in a totally new way that demands constant stimulation..., and … we are in a national, and perhaps global, Guy Disaster Mode that needs to be noticed and solutions advanced to fix a totally novel phenomenon, which will only increase in intensity and breadth without the concerted efforts of educators, gamemakers, parents, guys and gals.”

 Fat chance that gamemakers will sacrifice their profits and men will give up their addictions voluntarily. The heading speaks for itself, “The Demise of Men”.


From Blue to Green, Then Green to Pink, Purple and Red 

Yet last year, something interesting happened.  For some years, V has been showing me the colour blue.  Then it turned to green, And suddenly last year, the blues and greens were replaced by pink and purple.

God had told us that the green means that “the student shall surpass the master”; a new generation of godly believers will take over the mantle from the previous and will do even better and greater.

 I asked the members what they think of these new colours, which I will incorporate into our website shortly.

Jing Jing from China says that she sees the blue and green now buried. And from there, it birthed flowers of pink, purple and red, which signifies to her love, romance, babies and royalty. 

I hold out hope that, perhaps, this year may be the turning point for men, and women, then. 

I pray that men, especially people of God, will awake from their drunken stupor to hear the Voice calling upon them to “repent and be baptised”. That they may humbly and honestly acknowledge how depraved they have become, and for the Church, how far have they departed from God’s holy commands.

If they would be like David, who upon realising the extent of his foolishness and terrible crime, would turn to Abba, in total brokenness and contrition, I have no doubt that God will turn from his wrath and spare them from the 762; the fiery lake of no return. 

Perhaps 2023 is the last chance for them, like what YY had seen earlier in the tunnel, the whirlpool, (extracted below):


Only the blood of the Lamb can make recompense and the Cross can set them free from the stranglehold of the evil one. 

Only in the Lord is there hope for restoration of pure love and romance between God-fearing men and women, and of the royal priesthood conferred upon them.

Oh, how I pray that the Men will get it. 

Maybe the younger men and women shall lead the way, since they are best depicted by the colours of pink, red and purple, and they come from the generation of the “green.”



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