More Troubles in Nepal, but God is There

Jan 31, 2022

13 July 2020

Towards the end of our worship meeting, I remembered the beautiful video of the huge double rainbow over Sabah that HC had sent earlier. But a word popped up in my mind -...

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I Hear His Whisper

Aug 20, 2021

Jan 16, 2020 

Weary beyond description, I received a timely email from The Passion Translation Newsletter:

I Hear His Whisper . . .
Soar with me.


Beloved, I see how tired...

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Shoeless and “Perfectness”

Aug 17, 2021

16/1/20, Thursday

Around 5 to 6 am Pillow Talk with Jesus

Early this morning, I enjoyed some pillow talk with the Lord. We talked about the many decisions I have to make - the website, the long,...

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2019 Ends on a Fiery Note

Aug 03, 2021

12 January 2020

On 1 January 2020. I read a news article titled: 

“‘Extraordinary” 2019 ends with the deadliest day of the worst fire season”.

In an earlier post in...

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The Last Good Work Project of 2020

Jun 11, 2021

20 November 2020

My friend, Eric, sent me a message to support this Iranian Christian family whose retail business had suffered a blow during the lockdown. I passed the word around and busy as I...

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2021: R is for Replenish, Repair and Revise

Jun 01, 2021

26 December 2020

Taking out a bottle of isotonic drink to quench my thirst during my game of golf, the tiny word “Replenish” jumped at me.  Another “R” word for 2021,...

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2020 D is for Disease that Brings Great Destruction

May 21, 2021

13 January 2020

A week ago, Daniyel sends me a YouTube report of a mystery illness outbreak in Wuhan, China. That triggered great concern as we remember the deadly SARS outbreak from November 2002...

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UK R Number

May 18, 2021

18 December 2020

I saw an interesting headline on BBC news:

“Coronavirus: UK R number back above one.”

I was curious about what is this “R”...

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Last 44 Days: Double Death

May 11, 2021

November 18, 2020

 Ramblings from my journal:

44 days to the end of this “D” year….

Death, disease, disruption, distress caused by delays, distraction, disbelief, demonic...

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2020: D is for Disruption

Apr 30, 2021

May 26, 2020

As life on earth is disrupted by the pandemic, God is also stirring and disrupting the hearts of Man –


To humble himself,

to seek His face

and pray.

Away from noise,


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