2020: Begins With a Double D

March 15, 2020 

In early January, Daniyel alerted me to a mystery outbreak that has surfaced in Wuhan, China. He then remarked that the letter ‘D’ we have received for 2020 should mean “a disease that brings great destruction” - a Double D; a Destructive Disease! I thought - another bad “D” for this year… and D is also for Double!

Dec 31, 2019
God’s Warning and Assurance
I shared with our community during our Watchnight meeting that God is warning of “Difficult Times” ahead for 2020, with the letter ‘D’ popping up everywhere.

I assured the team not to worry, because God said we are Artios – ready, adequate, complete and perfectly equipped for it - and He will provide the anointing to do every good work – in our community and for our country, for 2020 is the Year of Good Works.


Jan 2020
In less than a month after those words, news of a SARS-like virus in Wuhan, Eastern China surfaced.

The First Wave
This is just the first wave. Starting from a local epidemic, which the Wuhan city officials tried to cover up in Dec 2019, it spread to the rest of China rapidly.

Cries of hopelessness, anger and despair from Wuhan flood the internet, striking terror in the hearts of the people in China, as people dropped dead like flies at the epicentre of the outbreak, and hospitals halls and wards are inundated with the dead and dying plonked at every available spot they can find.

By the time the city was locked down on Jan 23, five million people have fled to their hometown for the Lunar New Year and tens of thousands had flown out to other countries.

Singapore, the country with the most inbound travelers from Wuhan, reported its first coronavirus case on 23 Jan, from a family arriving from Wuhan three days earlier.

The First Battle
The Lord told me to gather the members in Singapore and China and guide them for an epic battle ahead.


On 27 Jan, we started a prayer and fasting chain for six days, with the number six appearing repeatedly. Round the clock, two teams are praying for the people of Wuhan and for China.

It was an amazing battle led by our Lord, who showed us who and what we are dealing with in the natural and in the spiritual realms as we fasted and prayed and finished with a spectacular showdown on Feb 1.

Feb 2, 2020
On Feb 2, the Lord said, “Your work is done, heaven’s work will now begin.”

0202 2020

I was on board a plane flying back from our family vacation in the Maldives. He showed me the numbers of that day’s date: 02022020, which is a mirror date of 0202 2020. And said, “The reversal has begun.”

I was elated! From this day, the Wuhan virus crisis will start reversing.

I happily put on my eye shades and turn on my music to worship God. My spirit lifted and I saw the Lord hand me a white cloth, soft and rectangular; it is like a big version of a surgical mask which draped over my arms, nearly touching the floor. Next, I was holding on to a small edge of the cloth in the clouds together with angels, as it grew bigger and bigger.

As the song “He heals all our diseases” played, I started to doze off.

I was woken by the flight attendant serving lunch. I started to see again – this time the great white cloth has become a big square cloth.  And now I see gooey icky things and dirty cloths being dumped into it. The big white cloth starts to hang deeper and deeper like rubber, with angels still holding on to it as it got heavier and heavier.

I peered inside to see what is being dumped inside and I saw little a face of an old dying or sick man. The little square cloths thrown inside were landing on his face.

Next was a great mop up operation carried out by little buttercup angels, with smaller pieces of cloth coming from the Great White Cloth.

I heard V said: “The demonic stronghold is breached by the fasting and praying done by the team, and the chopping of the root of sin in China, so the cleaning up work can now begin.”

I was relieved. The worst is over for China. They have averted a major crisis and tragedy in their country. I said a prayer of thanksgiving.

I felt a prompting then to record in detail what the Lord directed and taught us in this warfare from Jan 27 to Feb 2, 2020 even though I was dog tired. V said it was imperative for me to record and share the battle strategies and heavenly weapons to war against this demonic virus. I am glad I did as things were happening so fast and furious that it would be impossible to recall everything.

As details of the spiritual warfare are potentially sensitive for our China members, the full report will be accessible only to Members in the Library section.

Feb 2020
Soon enough, the contagion spread to the rest of the world when at that point, China was seeing a reversal of its spread, as the Lord said it would.


On Feb 7, Singapore raised its DORSCON (Disease Outbreak) level from Yellow to Orange, when it discovered 3 unlink cases in the local population, raising the total number infected to 33.

On 11 Feb the Wuhan coronavirus disease was officially named by WHO as “Covid19”.

Warning of The Second Wave
Meanwhile, I was warned by the Holy Spirit of a second wave as I read up on the Spanish flu in 1918 which infected one third of the world’s population then and killed tens of millions of people.

The second wave was far more deadly than the first.


We knew we cannot afford to be complacent and to let our guard down just yet but the Lord told us to take a 40-day pause from Mar 1 to study the Book of Luke until Good Friday on April 10.

Mar 2020
11 Mar 2020, The Covid19 outbreak is officially declared a worldwide pandemic.


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