Not the Mountains but the Molehills

July 7, 2020 

As I read this verse today, I looked back and thought, “Yes, so many mountains we have moved together Lord, but sigh… they have become a distant memory.”

Suddenly, I realised - the challenge I face now are not mountains but they are the little molehills!

I have been surrounded by the many little things I can do on my own without the Lord - they have swamped me and hemmed me in, and have diminished the awe of all the mountains we have moved.

I prayed:

“Oh Lord, I do need you. Not just to move mountains but also the molehills surrounding me - the little things I have to do and can do, starting with the website.”

As soon as I prayed that, I saw a wall rose up on four sides and myself sitting on a little plot of land with brown and barren soil. The wall formed a hedge of protection around the perimeter of the land. Suddenly, little molehills started popping up from the ground around where I was seated.

But I was not overwhelmed by them.

V said: The wall will block off the two Ds - disruptions and distractions.

I was elated and thanked the Lord:

“Thank You! As usual, I have forgotten to pray for myself and You know exactly what I needed. And so, in Jesus’ name, I say to all you molehills, I am going to move you once and for all, now! Amen.”  

Figure 1. Some of my little molehills

Sidenote about the mountain photo: July 26, 2020
I remember what the Lord said to me about 20 years ago: “Victory is just round the corner when the battle is at its fiercest.” I’m so gratified that after a week of fresh new attacks, first the insect sting on my eyelid and then over my grandson’s growth, I was led to find this picture of Mount Ararat when searching for a picture for this verse.

Every time I see it my spirit lifts and I am filled with joy. It was taken with my mobile phone two years ago from inside a coach bus in Yerevan, Armenia. The guide squealed in delight when the driver stopped his bus to let us gaze at its beauty, telling us that it’s not so often that we could see it so clearly, and there’s a saying by the old women of Yerevan that it appears for the blessed.

Indeed, I am so blessed.

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