What Shall the Righteous Do (4): Warning About the Mouth

31 May 2024

In the last post, I was sharing about the treasure chest I saw Jesus dug up for us on 10 Nov 2018. And quoted it In the post on 31 Dec 2019, where I shared a warning from God about our mouth:


Back at the retreat centre, I received a verse: Proverbs 11:11 
“Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted;
But by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.” (NIV)

As I re-visited this verse on 30 December, 2019, I felt that it is a warning or a caution from God. V led me to read it carefully as and I drew on my journal:

About three years after, on Nov 11, 2022, I was instructed by V to cart up a few years of notes and journals for our retreat in the mountains of Thailand, and He elaborated further in:


V: “The second 3-Year war of 2020 to 2022 has separated the Upright from the Wicked. Those who have heeded wisely are those who have survived well in this war, unscathed and secure, shining like stars in the sky.”

After I wrapped that up and cautioned them that we have to prepare ahead for what is coming in 2024, with no time or energy to lose, I got back to the retreat notes and started writing. It was arduous work and I struggled to write this very post.

When I was done, V said: 
V: “The outcome of the coming Mother of All War rests with the war over the mouth.”

The mouth again…

Lord, I take heart that there will be places on this earth – lands, cities and countries, that will be unscathed by whatever is coming, and not only that, they will also be exalted and honoured. I thought then that V was talking about words coming from our mouths. 

Following this was a series of words and visions that various COBS members received about the Chinese character 口, which is the the mouth, which allowed us more insight about what God is warning us about. 

These I will continue in the next few posts.


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