2021: Replay 2020 Again?

5 August 2020

Last week, my husband gave me two bracelets for my birthday, one for the right and one for the left wrist. I went to the store for a better fit and decided to change the blue bracelet to green. Years ago, God had told us to follow the blue. But this time, I felt the time of the blue has passed…

The bracelets reminded me of the Wonder Woman journal my daughter had given me last Christmas. I chuckled when I read what she was wearing. They are all weapons at her disposal!

Figure 1 From my Wonder Woman Journal of 2020

The bracelets can ward off an arsenal of short and long range weapons.

I was reminded of something I had written on Oct 11, 2019, titled:” War in Winter”. Sensing that V has something to say, I printed it out and pasted it on my journal. 

I checked - winter is from December 21 this year to March 20, 2021. 

I thought to myself:

“Gosh! Are we going to hit the replay button for 2020 all over again for next year?!!”

Does this mean we will see a repeat of the pandemic and its dreadful consequences and economic fallout in 2021, even with the many vaccines being developed?

If that happens, it will be a lot worse because we start from a base of nearly 20 million infected (and 700,000 dead) today versus the thousands from China when it first started…. 

But perhaps God is giving us a second chance, redeeming time lost this year. For those who were caught unprepared for this war, to be more prepared this time round.


I asked myself - what would I do if I have to live 2020 all over again?

Taking comfort that God has given me, not one but two powerful defensive weapons that can deflect all that is coming at us, I thought: are they spiritual weapons? Or financial ones as well – to take a defensive position over my investments?

I better get in my cave soon to wait on the Lord for His word for the coming year…


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