The Final “A” for 2019: The Anointing!

Sara, 31 December 2019, COBS Watchnight 

Online with members from China and Singapore from 3 pm, I recapped key pointers from God from 2018 to 2019 after reviewing my journals and notes.


2018: Death of Great Men and Women of God

On 1/1/18, the Lord had shown me a plot of land. He said then it was a burial plot for many great men and women of God who will soon pass on and I saw many flowers sprouting up from it. In 2018, 4 elderly parents of our members passed on, and the world also saw the passing of Christians who had made a great impact in the world, like Rev. Billy Graham, and in Singapore, Pastor Rick Seaward. It was also the year where God said to the team in Chinese “开花结果” [let many flowers bloom], which we rejoiced because we thought we will see a bountiful harvest of souls.


2019: The Treasure Unearthed

But on 10 November 2018, at the COBS Singapore year-end retreat, I saw a vision of Jesus digging up all the flowers! At the end of his dig, the Lord uncovered what is buried inside the plot – a treasure chest. Just like one in a pirate movie.

I told the team to expect a lot of moving in 2019 – in homes, work or spiritual direction - and for 2019 we are going on an adventure, a treasure hunt with the Lord.

Back at the retreat centre, I received a verse: Proverbs 11:11

“Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted;

But by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.” (NIV)


2020: Warning About Our Words

As I re-visited this verse on 30 December, 2019, I felt that it is a warning or a caution from God. V led me to read it carefully as and I drew on my journal:


Enter Into 2020 with Just One Fruit

During my walking trip in Japan this year, when the season was changing from summer to autumn, there were so many fruits lying on the ground everywhere we walked.

I felt the Lord say that we need to let go of all the old fruits, the abundance from the past – our old anointings and old teachings - so that we can take hold of just one fruit.

I asked God, “What is that one fruit?”

He answered, “It is the fruit that you are exalted and honoured for. In fact, double the honour.”

So, I asked everyone else to ponder and ask God what is their one fruit, before we enter into 2020 - that fruit that raises them up, that defines them, that when people think of them, they see that one distinctive fruit that has come out after all the years of sowing and planting, dying and re-planting, after all that breaking and bending.


The Treasure: A 7-Year Anointing!

V said, “Everyone who has that one fruit will receive the treasure that the Lord has dug up - a fresh anointing, the 7-year anointing to be able to do every good work of the Lord. It is not by might or by power or by money; only possible through the Spirit.”


The 7-year anointing is the treasure!

I was stunned and also somewhat concerned. Does it also mean we can expect 7 years of difficulties ahead…? I warned everyone to be especially careful with their words.

And that, is the last “A” for 2019, the Anointing and not “Artios” as I had previously thought. Only with this final A are we then ready for 2020 – the Year of Good Works!


Crossing Over to 2020

After a break for dinner, we continued to ponder and help each other discover our “One Fruit”. We spent the remaining two hours of the year worshipping God and crossed over to 2020 joyfully with the Lord, taking our holy communion at the first hour of 2020.

Thankfully, all of us present discovered our one fruit by the end of the first day of 2020. We are thrilled and excited, spirit-filled with anticipation, wondering what is the anointing that God is giving us to do the good works in the coming year. I told them to prepare to be on the road again after a two year hiatus, with the words from the Lord through Yanli softly echoing from years past…


我们有很多很多路要走… [we have many, many more roads to travel].”




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