2021: A Golden Opportunity

Sara, 10 August 2020

Last Friday I was in town to collect two watches I had sent in for repair before the lockdown and to send in a couple more which have stopped working. 

But first, I want to tell you about this Alessi watch. 

I was spring cleaning my study last week and found that something had melted inside my husband’s box of old things. Taking everything out to clean, I found a small box stained with gooey stuff outside which I couldn’t open. I thought of throwing it away but I decided to put it aside for my husband to check it when he returns from work. 

He opened it effortlessly and said, “Oh, this is a nice watch for you. It was given to me when Alessi gave me the agency.” That was maybe about 30 years ago and he had completely forgot about it! Talk about a belated gift!


A Golden Discovery

When I showed it to my watch repairer, his eyes lit up instantly - he exclaimed in Cantonese: “Hai kam piew lei ge [It’s a gold watch]!”

He added, “It’s very unique; I have never seen anything like this.” 

I checked the back of the watch. True enough, it says 18k gold (gold plated). I didn’t even notice it. To think I was about to throw it away! 

He opened it up straight away and was delighted that everything in it seemed intact and he said he would take him about a week to clean it up and get it working. Moments later, his equally elderly wife stepped in and she had exactly the same reaction!


Regaining Lost Opportunity

This morning, during my quiet time, God reminded me of the note I had tapped on my phone while waiting at the watchmaker shop last Friday:

V: “This golden watch was stowed away, forgotten and nearly discarded. But now it is found and regained.”

I ask what does it signify.

V says: “A Golden Opportunity. Regained.”

V continues: 

“2020 has faded away. But God will be repairing, recharging, regaining, restoring and replacing LOST TIME.”

I recall on May 1, He had said that 2020 is fading away, fast. 

Truly, there is not much one can do about this year as the pandemic continue to spread globally without any sign of abating just yet.

But God, only Him, can repair, recharge, regain and replace what is lost. Even time.


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