What Shall the Righteous Do (3): That 7-Year Anointing

31 May 2024

In a post on 31 Dec 2019, I shared about a treasure chest the Lord has dug up for us.


… on 10 November 2018, at the COBS Singapore year-end retreat, I saw a vision of Jesus digging up all the flowers! At the end of his dig, the Lord uncovered what is buried inside the plot – a treasure chest. Just like one in a pirate movie.

I told the team to expect a lot of moving in 2019 – in homes, work or spiritual direction - and for 2019 we are going on an adventure, a treasure hunt with the Lord.

Explanatory note:
Following that, I felt that V is telling us to let go of old anointings and teachings and just hang on to just one. To let old successes and plans die, so that with just one fruit, we can get something that is very precious and necessary for the new season. I recounted it in that post:

The Treasure: A 7-Year Anointing!

V said, “Everyone who has that one fruit will receive the treasure that the Lord has dug up - a fresh anointing, the 7-year anointing to be able to do every good work of the Lord. It is not by might or by power or by money; only possible through the Spirit.”

About three years later, on Nov 11, 2022, I revisited this post while on our retreat in Thailand:


I thought to myself: 
This 7-year anointing is from 2020 to 2026. 
Oh… the Mother of All Wars is from 2024 to 2026! 
Three years have passed, with four remaining… 
Ah, I see it now, 2023 is therefore the Midpoint.  
Of the 7-year anointing. 
It is the pause, before the Mother of All Wars…

Perhaps, perhaps, I am grasping for hope now… by God’s grace, 2023 is the last chance, for some, to receive what remains of the 7-year anointing before that dreadful war starts? Or maybe even, that would be most ideal, to avert it…? 

Mercy Lord, mercy. My soul cried out to God.

From 2019, heeding V’s words, I did my best to cut back and scale down on all travels and work for God, during which I saw the arrival of my second grandchild. I looked forward to a good retirement when I turned 60, thinking it was a new season of being a good grandmother and to enjoy my grandkids. 

How could I have guessed that three years later, God would warn of a graver matter. 

I can only hope and pray that this 7-year anointing that the Lord has given to us has been well received by all of our COBS members, that together, we may be able to face off this existentialist threat the world has not seen since the last world war in 1942. 

Perhaps, we from the Boomer generation have been raised for such a time - to take up this good fight for our children and their children. And pray that they, like us, may never ever have to face a brutal and devastating war in their lifetimes.


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