Unwind to Wind up 2020

October 16 2020

V: “What did you discover at the retreat?”

Sigh… I managed to sleep only about 5 to 6 hours a day, not my targeted 7 to 8. But they are good, deep sleep. Tired still, but I do feel calmer in spirit. When I returned home yesterday, I suddenly knew I do not have to read the stack of articles and financial reports waiting on my desk. Something has happened at the retreat. I happily filed them away.


Too Fast

This morning, as I get ready to go out, I suddenly realized I was moving very fast. With bag, coat and things in my arms I had perfected the art of swerving at the right angle to avoid getting scratched by things in the way that may graze my arms.

Walking to breakfast, I noticed I was walking quite fast too. I shared with hubby what I discovered and we both agreed we need to slow things down and stop looking too much at our mobile phones. I took slower steps to our car after breakfast, and he slowed down his gait to match mine.

During my quiet time, I realized I was writing so fast in my journal. V led me to a note book I had intended to mail out to the Baaders….

 I decided to keep it for myself.

V: “Slow your inner rhythm, Sara.”





I felt my inner being slow down like a gentle stream...

and it gently flowed with the music playing.

V: “Write every word, without abbreviations. Every word legible.”

I started to journal but struggled with my usual cursive style… until it trickled down to letter by letter. (Even as I type these words now, I had to deliberately slow down my typing, tap by tap, slow….)

I journalled slowly, intentionally, letter by letter, as V said softly:


A s  t h e  m u s i c  p l a y s

b r e a t h e   S a r a

o n e  b r e a t h  a t  a  t i m e

o n e  t h o u g h t  a  t i m e


U N W I N D…

T O  W I N D  U P  t h i s  y e a r.

S... l… o… w… l… y ….


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