2021: R is for Resilience, Refuge and Rebound

Apr 20, 2021

23 November 2020

During our Monday Morning Worship, I saw the word “Resilience” and looked it up on my phone app.

Definition of Resilience:

  1. The power or ability of a material to return...
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The Mystery of the Well

Apr 06, 2021

2 November 2020

On 28 October 2020, I was watching a documentary on National Geographic about rural China and the host talked about the concept of the well, δΊ• in Chinese, in ancient farming.


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2021: R is for Rebirth, Resurrection and Revival

Mar 30, 2021

27 December 2020

This morning I got up before sunrise to play golf. While walking, I saw these beautiful sun rays peering through the trees. As I got closer, I stopped to take pictures of it.


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2021: Beware of Rats and Thieves and Hidden Sins

Mar 23, 2021

29 December 2020

Yesterday, while getting ready for a Christmas gathering in my home, we discovered that a rat has found its way to our food cupboard! We threw out food and packages it had sunk its...

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The Great Heavenly Hook Up

Mar 12, 2021

21 December 2020

The Lord said to me:

“The year 2020 ends for you on Dec 21, 2020.”

Honestly, when God said that 2020 is a year I cannot see or plan beyond the immediate present, I...

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2021: Reset, Reboot, Reformat

Mar 02, 2021

9 November 2020

During our worship meeting, Yanli saw an image of: “ …………………….” and the word “Processing.” She added,...

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Double β€˜D’s and Better β€˜D’s

Feb 26, 2021

21 October 2020

Quiet time conversations:

V: “Things are going to get Doubly Difficult (DD).”


Then He led me to read Acts 1:7-8:

“It is not for you to know the times or...

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2020: A Glimmer of Hope

Feb 23, 2021

13 January 2020

Woken late in the night with these words:

“About that the ring of fire... it is the glimmer of hope in times of darkness.”


Thank you, Lord, for this assurance.


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Deep and Dark

Feb 16, 2021

11 November 2020

Saw these numbers in doubles:

11 11              20...

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Unwind to Wind up 2020

Feb 12, 2021

October 16 2020

V: “What did you discover at the retreat?”

Sigh… I managed to sleep only about 5 to 6 hours a day, not my targeted 7 to 8. But they are good, deep sleep. Tired...

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