2021: Beware of Rats and Thieves and Hidden Sins

29 December 2020

Yesterday, while getting ready for a Christmas gathering in my home, we discovered that a rat has found its way to our food cupboard! We threw out food and packages it had sunk its teeth in and caught it the next day after laying a trap for it. This is the first time in the 6 years here that we have a rat intrusion.

I thought - R is also for Rats! And this is the Year of the Rat, sadly my Chinese zodiac year.




Watch Against小人

I sensed a spiritual caution that since the devil was not able to destroy or kill us in 2020, it will try to steal from us in 2021. So, we must watch out for this little rodent.

Oh, V says to me in Chinese: “搬弄是非的小人”. These are underhanded people who sow discord. “Watch against these who are out to steal your joy, your hope, your provisions, your love for God and for one another.”


Spirit of Fear

In my 4D teaching on spiritual warfare, I may have mentioned that the spirit of fear is like a little furry rodent. This spirit is very tricky and plays on shadows. Small in reality, it projects itself to be very big and cause even normal people to do incredibly fearful things out of the fear of being exposed.


So watch against secret sins and things hidden in your heart. God knows it all anyway.

Do not let the spirit of fear find a foothold. Bring it to the light by confessing it to the Lord and to someone safe and wise so that it cannot play shadow games and nibble at your soul. Then you can bind it effectively and exterminate it from your life once and for all.


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