2021: R is for Rebirth, Resurrection and Revival

27 December 2020

This morning I got up before sunrise to play golf. While walking, I saw these beautiful sun rays peering through the trees. As I got closer, I stopped to take pictures of it.


I felt it looked like a Phoenix, a sign of rebirth and hope.

Several years ago, I was led to check out about the phoenix, a mythical figure in Chinese folklore. I discovered that early bible scholars consider it a symbol of Christ, as it resurrects from the ashes of its fiery sacrifice for the sake of the next generation. From that time, we were led to discover more phoenix stories and were led to visit some places related to it.

My first thoughts when I saw this was Kelly, whose Chinese name is 家凤 (meaning phoenix of the home or country). Two months ago, V led me to a jewellery store in a mall to get Kelly a birthday present. I was doing grocery shopping and did not expect to find such a beautiful golden phoenix necklace in this mall. I was captured by its beauty and she was dumbfounded when she received it; moved and touched by the Lord’s scrupulous love for her.

I remember that there was a dream God had shown her about her ministry many years ago and it seemed to have died through one setback after another. Even her beloved pet Labrador, River, died this year... it has been so hard and the Lord knows her pain.

But I feel that this time, that whatever she has diligently and faithfully invested her heart and soul to for the Lord will finally take off and it will open up to a golden portal.



Joanne from the US commented that her first thought when I showed her this picture is the empty tomb. And it invokes the image of where the Lord prayed in the garden.

Interesting I thought. The empty tomb also means Resurrection. Another R word for 2021. Perhaps this is for America. What has died, only God can resurrect.



I shared the pictures with the members and some too felt it look like a golden phoenix that is taking flight. I recalled that there was a book that YY had borrowed from the library a few years ago that talks about a golden phoenix and asked her for it. She found some photos she had taken in 2012.


Feng Huang [name of the girl who is the main character in the story whose name also means Phoenix] sat down and deeply thought of the Phoenix of Equality. Suddenly in a burst of flames the Phoenix of Equality [which is the Golden Phoenix] appeared.

The Phoenix said, "To have Equality you must pass through the fire of Selfishness! Draw away all Selfishness!" Feng Huang drew and drew away all Selfishness, and suddenly she felt herself drawing Equality. She felt completely changed! She thanked the Phoenix very much and looked at her list: Find the Phoenix of Generosity.

I thought about the fallout and suffering caused by the pandemic – it has been much worse for certain countries, for certain races/spectrum of society, for women and children, and the poor.

The economic recovery from the pandemic has been very lopsided – a “K-shaped” curve, where some companies) have become exceedingly wealthier by the billions whilst some like aviation, tourism, entertainment, crude oil have bitten the dust.

One thing for sure, the Gini co-efficient, which represent the income inequality or wealth inequality within a nation or any other group of people, is going to get bigger than ever.


Jesus is the Equaliser of Them All

The Golden Phoenix is a Phoenix of Equality – Jesus is the social equaliser of them all! – “no Greek, no Jew, no man, no woman, no master, no slave, all are one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28)” .

This little girl (the little phoenixes/followers of Jesus) is going to draw away all Selfishness with her magic pen from heaven and herald in an era of generosity never seen before!

Indeed, I have seen acts of kindness and generosity during this crisis. Perhaps this is a golden opportunity for God’s people, stewards of His provisions and resources, to turn away from the noise and distractions in the world, and spark off the greatest humanitarian effort and revival the world has ever seen with the spirit of generosity!

There is hope yet for mankind in Christ.


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