2020 D is for Disease that Brings Great Destruction

13 January 2020

A week ago, Daniyel sends me a YouTube report of a mystery illness outbreak in Wuhan, China. That triggered great concern as we remember the deadly SARS outbreak from November 2002 to July 2003 which originated from southern China. It had then spread to 37 countries rapidly, infecting more than 8000 people, killing 774.

I later asked Daniyel if he remembered that I had shared with him about a year ago that 2018 will end with Re-ignite, the letter changing from “R” to “A” for 2019.

He did.

I tell him that now, the letter has changed again. For 2020, it is “D”.

He asked if “D” represents Destruction?

I replied that actually there is a whole bunch, mostly not too good, like Difficult Times, Death and so on. I fear that a global disease is coming with the air quality being very affected by fires in the past year.

Daniyel’s response (which I usually pay some attention to):

“Should be Disease that brings great Destruction.”



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