Shoeless and “Perfectness”

16/1/20, Thursday

Around 5 to 6 am Pillow Talk with Jesus

Early this morning, I enjoyed some pillow talk with the Lord. We talked about the many decisions I have to make - the website, the long, long overdue renovations to our beach chalet, the Lunar New Year preparations – reunion dinners, spring cleaning and the many things to prepare for visits and celebrations over the 15 days - besides getting ready for the family trip to Maldives (Ollie’s first trip) and so on.

I woke up and I know exactly what I needed to do - I walked up the hill with my hubby and took time to have breakfast with Ollie, my grandson, and Nikki. Next, I made some telephone calls to my bankers. Then, I sat down to write down what I heard from the Lord in the early hours of the morning.


At 12.31 pm: “Perfectness”

The team posted the words they received during the Monday Morning Worship on our group chat.

HC: 耶稣是全能的神,Sara 是全能的人。

Sharon: While praying for all the COBS Leaders, Holy Spirit released a word “Perfectness” for Sara.

I thought to myself, “I certainly am not perfect. And I don’t feel perfect at all, with all these stress threatening to overwhelm me... But if the Holy Spirit says so to two of them (similar meaning in Chinese and in English), then it must mean something.”

I commented on the chat:

“I am humbled. Thank you Lord for your affirmation when I feel totally incapable of handling the mountain of stress, making sleep difficult.

I texted the web designer. Somehow, I knew exactly what changes need be done on the website when it was oh so hard to fathom in the past week. I went through my current content and chopped them into posts (massive as Kelly said months ago…. didn’t think so then). 

I discovered I have content for more than a year, maybe even two if I just update one new post a week! No wonder I felt overwhelmed! After that, I needed to figure out where they go on the website. Crazy. First time doing this and if not for the pillow talk with the Lord, I would not even know how to start. 

He’s brilliant!  Guess that is where the “perfectness” comes from.

3.30 pm Shoeless but Perfectly Calm and Happy

I’m at Indonesian embassy with my helper, Yati, to get her contract done so that she can go back after the Lunar New Year for her home leave. She did not wear the right footwear like I told her and now she has to wear my shoes to go in while I wait outside the Embassy shoeless. 

She re-emerged with a bundle of forms to fill. She has to go back in to submit them and then come out for me to put back on my shoes so that I can go in to sign her papers. 

Finally, she has to go back in again with my shoes on to collect the papers. We have to get it all done before 4.30 pm when the Embassy will close for the day!

She was upset as she encountered no such problems 5 months ago. I told her “No. We must give thanks and be happy.” Smiling joyfully, I prayed aloud that everything will go smoothly.

And it started to pour heavily! How’s that for dramatic effect? 

Thank God I had the wisdom of bringing the umbrella from the car which I had to park a mile away! Yati re-entered with my umbrella sheltering her while I stayed at the waiting area, which, thank God, has seats under a covered roof.

We managed to get her documents done at exactly 4.25 pm. The rain stopped. Perfect again.


4.30 pm Perfect Place, Perfect Timing at Traffic Lights

We quickly made our way to the car and headed to Bugis to buy foodstuff we needed for the Chinese New Year. The evening traffic in town is starting to build up. I am tired and do not relish the thought of being stuck in traffic. 

Nearing the traffic junction to turn left towards Hill Street, V said, “Keep right. You remember that shop that you and CH happened to walk by a week ago while googling for the coffee place? You will find all that you need there.” 

I have to make a quick decision as I am not in the correct turning lane and I am not exactly sure where the place is. I prayed for the lights to turn red and it did. I deftly switched lanes to turn right and quickly looked for the shop which I amazingly remembered was called “Teck Sang” on Google map before the lights turned green. True enough, it is on the right, only a 2 minute drive away! 

Best of all, there was no traffic jam in that direction, and yes, we got all that we needed at an even cheaper price, and headed home feeling very happy and accomplished

Yet another day with the Lord in Perfectness. Even when I am shoeless.


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