What Shall the Righteous Do (2): Will there be a World War?

31 May 2024

In the post on 11 Nov 2022, I shared a warning about the coming of a Mother of All Wars:


V: “2023 is the Midpoint Pause. Just like in 2019, the pause between two wars. 
Oh, this means there is going to be a third 3-Year War coming in 2024 to 2026? I was stunned.

V: It is the culmination of the previous two 3-Year Wars between the people of God and Mammon (another M!), the love of money. It will be the “Mother of All Wars” (the Big M!). 

Oh my! What should we do?

“No fear”, V assured me, as I shudder to imagine the extent of this war – the spiritual and the physical realms put together in one huge battle. 

We have caught a glimpse of the advanced and devastating military weapons used in the Ukraine war and the painful repercussions of the pandemic. It has also exposed how Mammon has got the whole world interconnected and interdependent commercially, causing a massive disruption to the whole supply chain for parts, goods and services. This resulted in rampant inflation worldwide, from a single digit to double, hundreds and even thousands in percentage! 

All over the world, people, especially the young people, are desperate for quick money, driven by FOMO and the rising cost of living and debt. Godliness and morality are no longer desirable or acceptable, as Babylon extends her web of seduction from the affluent West, backed by Mammon, to the rest of the world. Mental illness, yes, the “M” letter again, is rising fast everywhere.

V: Those who have survived the last two great wars well - who have not succumbed to the seduction of Babylonic wine, women and song [representing sexual immorality and depravity]and have not forsaken God to chase after what Mammon offers – easy money, woke ideology and values, will be secure. 

Remember the verse for 2022? 

Yes, it is pasted on the inside cover of my journal.  

What do you think? Are we heading for World War 3? 

Some analysts say no, it is going to be a Great War, not a World War. But it seems like many countries are scrambling quickly to prepare for something huge. 

Watching the Euronews TV Channel a few days ago, ahead of the G7 summit, Europe and the US, one by one, are beefing up their military defences and weaponry, promising more billions of dollars of weapons for Ukraine. And on Channel News Asia, a special news report featuring tensions between The Philippines and China in the South China Sea, as defence leaders from the world descend on Singapore for the Shangrila Dialogue. At the same time, the other big boys like Russia, China and so on are busily forming military and political alliances, whilst Muslim nations and extremists are screaming for Israel’s blood as their forces continue to sweep through Gaza. 

It feels like, all over the world map, time bombs are put in place by the evil one in a game of dare and there is no lack of self-serving and crazy leaders with their fingers on the trigger. 

So, while I hope that the Mother of All Wars that V told us about will not happen, we in COBS have been busy making plans to stock up and ready ourselves. And pray really hard that the angel of death will pass over our city and country should it come. 

Remember your righteous ones, Lord. We have done our best to be obedient and to be wise with our time and resources, and to lead and guide others to righteousness. May your mercy and grace be upon us. 

Remember us Lord, I implore thee. Guide us and tell us what else we need to do. 
In You we put our trust. 

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