Currency Wars – Prelude to Another World War?

August 2019

Most of you would have known, besides suddenly pulling out of APEC trade agreement in 2017 which was due to be signed after many years of negotiations between 21 member countries, President Trump of the USA started a trade war against China in March 2018 which has sent global trade and equity markets into a roller coaster ride. We have seen incredible volatility in global markets since, swinging wildly to every tweet and every move made on both sides.

On Aug 5, 2019, the financial news agencies starting screaming: China is weaponising its currency!

Hitting back at Trump’s escalation of the trade war, the Chinese government has allowed the Chinese yuan to weaken beyond 7 against the US dollar for the first time since the global financial crisis.

It has begun. The currency wars.

I am reminded of the final chapter of my book, “Bringing Up Sara”, in which I recalled when God told me about the Currency War in 2016.


Extracted from “Part 4: A New Phase”      

4.2   The 3-Year War

“For me, I thought it would be a time of rest for me after years of teaching, loving and caring for them.

But six months after the Prayer Vault closed, God continued to bend and break me into yet another new circle, as I faced different challenges and struggles that threatened me at my core. I found this period of rest to be a more dangerous period – battling spiritual boredom, with the devil taunting me and pouring scorn on everything I learnt and shared. At the same time, so much trouble sprang up all over the world.

The three-year war has begun, involving big corporations, terrorist groups and governments. The Assyrian spirit is fighting hard and the world is seeing an increase in lawlessness and violence.

My loved ones come under attack, snakes suddenly appear in my path, I feel strong at times and I feel overwhelmed at other times. Sometimes it gets difficult to handle. Fortunately, the Lord is always faithful. He breaks but He also holds together. He protects me as His enemy works hard to harm my mind. I turn my eyes to Him and my strength is renewed. I am so thankful that I have the Lord with me.

I was led to read many books and attend talks by economists and investment companies. One particular book that made me sit up was “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis” by James Rickards.

He observed that in the past two World Wars, where millions lost their lives in unparalleled brutality over almost the entire globe, what preceded was a currency war, a war involving trade.

I felt my spirit tighten. God is speaking and I struggled hard to listen as I fought the most intense warfare in my life in the next few years… bearing in mind what a teacher once said, “What happens in the natural realm is often preceded by the spiritual…”

We have a lot more praying to do…”

---End of Extract---


Is history repeating itself once again? An imminent World War, or some call it another Great War, following a currency war? I hope not.

Truly, we got a lot of praying to do.


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