23 December 2021

Worshipping God to our weekly list to the tune of “Emmanuel”, the Holy Spirit gently led me into a prayer of thanksgiving:

Thank you Lord…

To have survived

Yet another testy year

And extreme stress.

Thank you 

For being my Great Defender

My Provider

For being my 111 (


  • My Refuge
  • My Fortress
  • My Strength



Couldn’t have survived the past year without you

The challenges that surmount

The relentless warfare

The tsunami of needs within and without.

Over my family and loved ones, my son in USA, 

My grandkids born and growing in such times.

The sick, the needy and the troubled minds.

Needs everywhere.


Lord, thank you for the capacity you build in me

To war, to give and to do the good works you have asked.

So here I am, all poured out

With the last ounce left in me, to worship you.

In spirit and in thanksgiving.


Then I hear V whisper gently to me…

Yes, the past years have been a period of bending and stretching outwards.

Ah I remember the spiral He showed me many years ago about the walk with God, a spiral and not a straight line….

But this time, it is to go inward, bending and breaking inwards - to where it starts…

I see the spiral now, and the word: 


And the spiral starts turning inwards. 

I remember the labyrinth He taught me many years ago… the difference between a maze (a trap) and a labyrinth, is in the beginning…. the labyrinth starts with a cross…. so that when we enter into the labyrinth, it will lead us back to the cross.



Reversing inwards. 

Back to the centre and the beginning.

Of all things.

Of my walk with the Lord.

To the cross. 

To the smallness of things.

And it became like a tiny seashell. 


Yes Lord, to where it all began.

With you


Once again.

To the small and insignificant. 

Just you and me matters.

To the CROSS


To simply come to the cross

To worship and adore you.

My Lord

My Saviour.


I adore you and worship you.

With all my broken pieces

Weak and insignificant 



You are my everything

You are all I need

The One and Only

My One Desire

Let my heart desire nothing else but you….


Then He showed me another R word:




Ah….. I get it:

Yes Lord, 

In these last 9 days before we close 2021:



To enter into your 


Thank you Lord for these last 3 Rs for the year. 

So that I may enter into 2022 in your rest.

Remaining in You.

Not doing anything.

Unable to do anything.

Except to hang on to you.

And letting You hold on to me.


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