2019: A is for Alignment

January 6, 2019

Walking out for lunch after the first service of 2019, one of my daughter’s friends asked me what I thought of the sermon. I replied that the pastor said something that got my attention – for the first thing he said was that 2019 is a Year of Alignment. 

I related to her how the Holy Spirit had told me that this year is a year of ‘A’s and so far, He had shown me a couple already – Adventure, Abundance, Acceleration and so on. And now, Alignment.

More Delightful ‘A’s

Her face lighted up immediately, and she asked, while showing me the goosebumps on her arms, “Aunty, do you remember what is my name?” 

Of course, I do. It is Azelia! Another A!

We chuckled happily. She went on to tell me she is a government scholar (a big deal in Singapore), which means she was an “A*” student (with outstanding academic results). She had finished her university education in London on a scholarship, where she found God and got to know my daughter who was leading the cell group there. 

I later checked the meaning of her name, which is also a flower, in Chinese it is 杜鹃花 – it means “Dry”, symbolic of feminity, new romance and passion, as well as fragility, often called a “take care of yourself” flower. 

So, for 2019, we can expect to see more of these outstanding, fragile but resilient, blossom among God’s people and, maybe, stars will align and romance blossom ☺ 

Alignment of Troops and Alliances

Looking for the Chinese word for alignment to share with the members, I found the following:

  • 队列: as in formation of troops
  • 队位: alignment of position
  • 加盟: forming of alliances

I took note that this word in Chinese has military and political connotations…


2020 Update:

Azelia came to my rescue to help put together the mood and feel on the front page of the website when I was at my wit’s end, as the website designer simply could not capture what I had wanted. She had been unable to until the lockdown when she finally quit her stressful job. Perfect alignment indeed. 

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