2023: The War Over the Mouth

November 12, 2022

Today I am so happy that we are all on a silent fast as I was eager to resume my talk with God about this war after my alone time with Him yesterday in the tent. I pulled out the notes V had asked me to bring, everything that was related to the word “mouth” written in Chinese as  口 (pronounced as “ko”). 

Doesn’t it look like an open, gaping mouth?

Earlier Revelations About the Mouth

On October 28, YY started sharing on our group chat, something she has not done for a while now as she started on a new job that kept her really busy. 

This is what she shared on our group chat. My translation to English in [ ]:

This morning listen the songs:

  1. Forever Be Praised

YY 看到一个隧道Tunnel 

[YY saw a tunnel]

Figure 3 YY's tunnel of many mouths

(Side note: this tunnel consists of many mouths: the Chinese word “口”)

2)  Nobody like you 


[then I saw one eagle in flight]

3)  You're the Almighty God 

圣灵说 这个隧道就像是一个漩涡 在里面 转 转 转 

[Holy Spirit says this tunnel is like a whirlpool. Churning and churning inside.]


4) God of Thunder 

听到Your Voice and One Word  

[I heard these words: “Your Voice and One Word”]

就看到 [and then I saw]

Yes ...

V  V  V 

Voice Voice Voice


[then you will receive guidance]

又看到 [I saw again]

1 V = 1 Voice

1 S = 1 Sound

1 S = 1 Sign 指示

Voice + Sound + Sign = Only One


看 [See]: 

出来的就是芬芳 不是臭的 [what came out is fragrant and not smelly]

如同岩石上的盘石 [just like the stone on the rock]

坚固又稳 不会动摇 [strong and steady, unshakable]

是的..这就是Power [yes it is.. this is the Power]

来自圣灵的Power [Power that comes from the Holy Spirit]

这时听到歌曲正在播着:[then I heard the lyrics to the song being played]

“Only One Word

Only One Sound 

Only One Voice

The Forever in Heaven

And Earth will be Resound”


是的 [yes]

只有一种声音 [there is only one kind of sound]

会永远在天地间响起 [that will forever resound in heaven and on earth]

这才是来自上帝的迥响 [this resonance comes from God]

Figure 4 From YYs journal

YY proceeds to look up the meaning of the Chinese words for resonance: hui xiang: “迥响”.

It means “reverberate; resound; echo” in English.

YY: Oh 之前 ST 有说过这个字:回

 [Oh Sara has talked about this word previously: 回]

迴响 = 回响 [The Echo]

是的 这才是来自上帝的迴响 

[yes, this is the echo from God]

(Side note: this Chinese character 回 (hui) contains two ‘ko’ “口” [mouths] and means “to return, to come back”. Sara shared about it, the echo, when she was in Switzerland to meet up with Kelly in November 2021. More about it later).

Creepy Mouths

Right after she posted this, a young lady from China, Jing Jing, responded:

好奇妙 我在网上看见了这个图 [how intriguing, I just saw this picture on the internet].

Figure 6 Picture shared  by Jing Jing

I replied: 好多回 [so many 回] inside but it looks dark and creepy 😰. But interesting that it is so similar to YY’s sketch 

YY: Ya.This show time 10:10. Inside got a key.

继续早上的敬拜..来到这首: [When I resumed my worship, I came to this song]

主赐给我所有恩典 [God gives me all of His grace]

圣灵叫YY 去读 以赛55:7 [Holy Spirit then tells me to go read Isaiah 55:7]

新译本 以赛55:7 [Xinzhe version Isaiah 55:7]

[Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man his thoughts; Let him return to the LORD, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon]. Isaiah 55:7 NKJV

结果发现原来圣灵又在讲:回 这个字. [And I discovered the word 回 inside twice (circled in red)]

要回转归向神🙏 [need to “回” “return” to God]

YY: the time in Jing Jing’s photo: 10:10.

刚刚听到这节经文 John 10:10 

[I only just heard the verse John 10:10]

盗贼来, 无非要偷窃, 杀害, 毁坏; 我来了, 是要叫羊 (或作:人) 得生命, 并且得的更丰盛.

[The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.] John 10:10 NKJV

She felt that this is the verse that lines up with the vision of the cross and the blood of Jesus she had seen. That the Lord is coming. And He will save his sheep and give them life and abundance despite the turmoil.

The Echo Warning 

Nov 5, 2021, Andermatt, Switzerland 

Extracts from the post: The Echo 2 Down 5 to Go 

But the context of this post was an earlier post about the Redemption of Time where this double mouth 回(Hui)also is used in the word for “redemption”. 

God's Redemption of Time Part 2

Perhaps, there is still hope.

While I try to catch my breath to take all these in, I decided to fast from lunch as we have a sharing session with both China members later in the afternoon.

V wasted no time. He asked, “Do you know what the 762 on the t-shirt you bought at the night market means?”

Well, I thought, you led me to buy two so it must be important. It turned out to be rather terrifying when I researched it. I will share later. 

But as I reviewed these notes, V continued to engage me with more discussions about the mouth. Obviously He is not quite done with it yet.



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