2015: The Crying Eagle, The Witch and the Phoenix

Nov 11, 2015







(Translated by Sara)

On Wednesday night, I kept feeling like I want to cry when I was praying in the prayer vault. Then I saw an eagle flying, and later when it stopped, I saw it was crying.

Next, I saw a broom, with a witch sitting on it. After that, I saw a phoenix. At this time, I felt there is fire, very hot… a special kind of heat. A worship song kept repeating (in my mind) a few identical words (forgot to write it down).

Suddenly, I saw a rocket, and sitting above the rocket was a phoenix! The tail of the phoenix is ​​at the side where the arrowhead of the rocket is, while its head is facing the other side (the side with the fire jet).

Following that, these four numbers appeared: 2018. The Holy Spirit said to me: “This is 2018.” The rocket flew to 2018, but the phoenix was still looking back at 2017 and 2016. Following this, Chapter 51 of Isaiah appeared.

Figure 1 Extracted from YY's journal

Jan 2019

A few days ago, while filing away the words for the year I came across what God showed YY in a vision on 11/11/15 at the Prayer Vault (above figure) and asked YY to review it again.

She explains, “The Phoenix (Jesus) was sitting on a rocket. He says, “Now is 2018” but yet it was looking at 2016 & 2017.”

I asked YY yesterday what does it mean? She said she was also puzzled by that - is the Lord looking at something burning in 2016 and 2017? I felt a certain sadness in his heart.  Is He waiting for some who are stuck in those years to catch up?

V: “Yes- 那些不相信,自以为是、自以为义、自我意是的人

(these are those who do not believe, are full of themselves, self-righteous, and who think they know it all).”

The Hand of God to Shut Us into Safety

I recalled that on 1/1/18 watchnight I had shared what I heard:


(we are going away, the plane’s going to take off, remember to close the door).

I looked at the picture I drew from YY’s vision - the Phoenix was sitting on a rocket! It is not a plane but a rocket that is taking off! A Power takeoff. 

I am reminded of Noah’s ark. The door of the ark can only be closed by God’s hands (Gen 7:16). In YY’s vision she also wrote down Isaiah 51 which also talks about God’s hand. 

V says: “The moment the door is closed it cannot be opened until we land. What happens if anyone opens the door when a plane is in flight?” Ya… everyone will be sucked out of the plane. 

I shared with KK n YY that I feel that the door has not closed but may be closing soon and once it is closed, it cannot be opened except by His hand. I do not know what calamity the world is going to face that requires the hand of God to shut us in; and it is going to be for 2 whole years.

The Eagle (USA) is Crying

V: There is a consequence of worshipping the witch. She is a very powerful Jezebellic spirit of lust for power and control, vanity, greed, witchcraft, idolatry and murder. I suddenly understood… Oh... the eagle is crying because many of God’s people who chose to worship her will be destroyed together with her. I felt that the eagle refers to USA.

 V: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion. It may be your last chance before the Lord close the door.”


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