2019: A is for Abundance 富贵花开

Nov 2018

During our retreat in Nov 2018, we took a walk in the nearby nature reserve one evening and came across a group of people doing a mass exercise led by a Chinese lady, to music blasted through a speaker. 

We decided to join in. 

Swinging our arms, moving our legs, we chanted with everyone to the rhythm of 4-word Chinese idioms. Midway through it, we heard a familiar one, 

“开花结果” (pronounced as: Kai hua jie guo) – which was God’s word for our community for 2018, meaning a Year of Flowering and Fruiting.

Exchanging knowing smiles, we chorused with everyone else. It was followed by the next 4 words:  

“富贵花开” (pronounced as: fu gui hua kai)

Our spirits leapt in unison as we echoed after the instructor: “fu gui hua kai”, laughing happily as we know that God has just spoken - this is His word for 2019 for us.

The year of 开花结果 (flowering and fruiting) in 2018 is actually a year of much deaths, which God had said to us is the passing of some great men and women of God. And now, from 2019, we will see the flowering of the “fu gui hua” which is the peony but in Chinese it literally reads: “a flower of riches/wealth and honour/nobility.”

That’s when V said to me: “A is also for Abundance” – in riches and honour. 

Typically, I have noticed in the years of listening to God, that his words are sometimes paradoxical. For example, if He says it is a year of joy, I have come to realise that it also may mean that things are going to get really sad and painful but remaining in the Lord, we will see joy, true joy.

So, I take this “Abundance” with a certain foreboding. Experience have taught me - to be vigilant and careful. Coincidentally, my investment bankers have at the same time warned me that there are predictions of a major economic crisis towards the end of 2019, possibly from Q3 or Q4. 

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