2019 Triple ‘A’s: Acceleration All Around

By Sara, Jan 2019

On 1/1/19, I received this prayer from the newsletter of Susan Larson that resonated very well with my soul as it described almost all of what we have been doing diligently in the past years as a community (emphasis and comments in brackets mine):

“New Year Blessing: May this year be a breakthrough year for you! You’ve sown a lot of seeds over the years: seeds of kindness, courage, faithfulness, and generosity, seeds of forgiveness, mercy and grace. 

May you see a bountiful record harvest in the days ahead! (That was our word for 2019 in Chinese!) https://www.communityofbrokenspirit.org/blog/2019-a-is-for-abundance

May God breathe life into your efforts and may you see acceleration all around. (Triple A’s!)

May loved one suddenly engage with God on a deeper level

May your work suddenly become blessed and favoured. 

May your offerings miraculously multiply. 

And may you know a deeper rest in those places where you’ve struggled for so long. (Oh yes, so need that – deeper rest)

May God’s breakthrough and blessing be upon your household this year.” (Amen and Thank you Lord!)

Acceleration All Around

Yes, this Year of A has kicked off with Triple A’s: 

Acceleration All Around.

I brace myself for a rapid year ahead. 

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