28 AUGUST 2021

26/5/2020, Day 50 of Circuit Breaker

At 6.32 pm, God says he is going to send his lightning rod of discipline to uproot those trees where the evil spirits are nesting.

At 11.30 pm, I was led into warfare prayer.

At 11.54 pm, God sent His powerful army and right-hand man.


Warring in One Heart, Led by the Spirit

27/5/20 Wed, Day 51 of Circuit Breaker, 00:05 hours

Minutes later, just after midnight, I heard the sound of thunder grow louder.

I texted the team, wondering who might still be awake to watch with me.

Turned out, quite a number of the members in Singapore and China are. The Holy Spirit led us into warfare prayer in our homes, calling down the heavenly rod of discipline to flush out the evil nests of idolatry in Singapore.


Lightning Rods and Fire from the Throne of God

V said to me: “Go check that verse about lightning of God.”

I found it in the Book of Revelations (underline mine):

From the throne came flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder. And in front of the throne were seven torches with burning flames. This is the sevenfold Spirit of God.” Revelation 4:5 NLT

His lightning rod is from His heavenly throne!

God is sending holy fire from his throne to light up the seven torches on our land! Hallelujah!


Super Big Angels Too

Asha (China) English translation by me below her message in Chinese:


In the name of Jesus, I declare. Hallelujah! Seven again. Lord Jesus, may you tell the Covid virus on this land: Cease now! Be quiet! Die! Leave!


When I saw your verse from the Book of Revelation, I felt that seven super big angels have descended onto Singapore.

ST (Central):

Hallelujah! They bring the torch from heaven.

Oh, that big angel we saw in the Jesus movie at Easter 😇. 7 of them. The rats and snakes got no chance now. All will die! 把蛇鼠一窝烧的干干净净、一只不留![they will burn up all the rats and snakes together with their nests thoroughly, leaving nothing.]

12.10 pm

I sent a message to the team:

This Sunday is Pentecost. Pray the Holy Spirit revisits Singapore and China in a power that is never seen before 🙏! And set our land completely free from this virus and the ruling sin. I feel more lightning coming still. God is not finished yet... One more round maybe.


And the Big Tree Falls

6.02 pm

My husband texted:

“Did u guys hear the sound of a tree falling in the forest? Quite loud and scary but can’t see the falling tree.”


All my children and my son-in-law heard it but I was busy in my study reading and writing.  😅 and did not hear a thing. It was very, very loud they said.


The Magnificent Lightning Showdown

9:48 pm.

Asha sends a news report from China capturing the beautiful lightning storm last night. Wow! Stunning photos of the lightning rod from heaven. Especially in the video. Just imagine that – why would it be reported in China! https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7baDZ79pCJYuPfUqNdkhEA

The seven huge angels are really beating the shit out of the demons!


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