28 August 2021

26/5/2020, Tue Day 50 of Circuit Breaker, 6.32 pm

God said that He is going to send His lightning rod of discipline to uproot evil trees of idolatry where snakes and rats hide and nest. 

At 11.30 pm

Five hours after I shared It with the team, I texted them:

“Sudden thunderstorm now at my place. May the wrath of God come and strike the evil trees. Please pray together in one heart and one soul.”

I sent out the picture of the Wheel of Nature (from the Scorpion book which God had led me to buy and use for the battle against the Wuhan epidemic) to refresh their memory and prayed.

At 11:54 pm

V says:

7 trees shall fall tonight. And in its place 7 altars of God shall stand in its place so that the sin nature of fornication cannot return to these places.”

I recalled the video that YY has alerted us that was playing on TV last week. These are screenshots I took from the video.

I thought this picture of our island country look like an arm muscle.

The second like a torch (in red), protected by a holy shield of crosses.

The last I thought it looked like tombstones (in white) scattered all over Singapore.


God’s Powerful Red Army

I recall in Part 1 of the battle YP from China saw a heavenly army in red military uniform descending, and stationed itself in Singapore.

I counted a total of 7 red “torches” scattered over the island among the sea of white tombstones in the video.


Rhema Prayer

I texted the team with this prayer:

“And the blood of Jesus shall cover the whole of Singapore and God shall flex His muscles over our entire land. Instead of the fear of death, there will be the fear of the Lord all over Singapore. Instead of tombstones, there shall be the blood of Jesus covering our country, bringing life and power in the blood of the lamb 🙏❤️”

“Flex your muscles Lord, flex your muscles and show your enemy that you are not a God to be trifled with. We will love the foreigners living in our land who fear your holy name. Those who will not bow down to worship you, you chase them out of our land. They can leave and bring their rats and snakes back to where they came from. But not one shall be allowed to remain. In Jesus name I pray amen. 🙏


 God’s Powerful Right-Hand Man


The Chinese team describes the “muscle” picture as: 大能的膀臂 – literal translation: “Biceps of Power”. I looked up the Chinese/English dictionary. It can also mean “reliable helper” or “powerful right-hand man”!  

Yes and Amen!

Our God is powerful.

He owns an invincible and mighty army.

He has reliable helpers.

His arm is a Powerful Right-Hand Man!

We cannot win in our own power or might.

Only God can. God is powerful enough.


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