28 August 2021

May 2020

Despite the extensive effort by the teams in April 2020, I felt that something is amiss. Although local infections have come down, the infection among the foreign workers still very high at more than 400 cases a day.

I read and translated the lengthy reports of the warfare for Singapore by China and Singapore teams and felt that there was a lot of strain and heaviness despite all of their earnest effort.

The word that came to me was a common refrain from the Book of Kings: “everyone did as they saw fit”. There many conflicting interpretations which did not feel right in my spirit. So, I told the team we need to quiet ourselves, don’t message each other anymore, worship God together the following Monday, wait and hear, then we can arrange to meet up to share.

24/5/20 Sun, Day 48 of Circuit Breaker

I received an excited and long message from YL that she and YM from China had engaged in warfare, chopping up a huge snake in Little India, after they have worshipped and joined the livestream telecast by her local church. I tried very hard to process her message and felt my spirit being drained from me.

25/5/20 Mon, Day 49 of Circuit Breaker

At 9 pm, I saw a call come in from YL, followed by many frantic messages from Asha that YL is under spiritual attack and cannot breathe. I told Asha to contact Sharon who is YL’s warring partner. I cannot afford to be distracted. I need to guard my mind and soul to prepare for my yada time (intimate/private time) with God the next day.


Stand, Don’t Get Ahead of Everyone or God

Side Note: a learning point for the team

I have taught them in 4D on spiritual warfare – that warfare is mostly about standing – taking care not to step out of the boundary and position God has given to each of us in Christ. As this is high-level warfare, it is important for us to “yada” with God first until we get clear instructions before engaging the enemy. Team spirit and unity is important.

The teams have worshipped together on Monday morning but I felt I can only do it on Tuesday. I was fatigued, as I hardly had any sleep on Sunday night.


Worship and Let God Speak

26/5/20 Tue, Lockdown Day 50

All day – 5 pm

After worshipping and hearing God speak through the day, I emailed to the leaders and caretakers in Singapore, parts of it extracted below (full account in Reports Section):


“MMM: Find the Tree


Warfare on Sunday night, cannot sleep until 4 am. I could only bring myself to worship on Tue instead of Monday with the team. Many, many thoughts. Too much noise. Brain overload. So I asked God for calm and quiet, so that I just listen to His voice.

V says: Remember the riots in Little India many years ago? It was caused by the workers intoxicated with alcohol. (I went to check later: it was in 2013, 7 years ago).

While the root of Singapore’s sin of idolatry is the love of money and knowledge, in Little India, it has gone beyond the first sin in the wheel of nature – the sin of fornication.


Getting More Insight

Holy Spirit led me to research more on trees that are being worshipped in Singapore. I discovered that there are many. Most people worship it to get winning numbers for the lottery. Again, the lure of easy money. I suppose the foreign workers also bet heavily on the lottery too. God showed me 3 places – Little India, Geylang and Chinatown.


Turn Off Distractions

More messages from YL came in. Since last night, so many messages and calls from Asha. I developed a headache trying to read them. My head got very heavy until I cannot think or read further.

And God said – same problem – 乱打战 [i.e. fighting without direction/discernment].

They need to YADA…. And Wait...

V says to me:

While life on earth is disrupted by the pandemic, God is stirring and disrupting the hearts of Man. This is a time when God is asking us to humble ourselves, to seek His face and pray. Away from noise and the shouting and yelling. The right of life is in the hands of the mighty God.

So, I put aside any concern over YL and continue to worship God.

Matthew 6:6 appears. I was led to read Matthew 6:5-6.

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

V: God says He is there. In the secret place. Close your door, be quiet, listen and pray.

I Hear Even More

When worship finally ended, I started typing my notes for this report. As I finished the part YADA… and Wait…. I realised suddenly that my headache is gone. Praise God. I was able to hear more.


V: 不要打小老鼠,先找蛇鼠窝

[don’t chase after the little rats, find first the nest of the serpents and rats].

Find the tree. They are all hiding in the tree.


Rod of Discipline from Heaven

6:32 pm

I sent out this message to the team:

Interesting, God says He is going to send his lightning rod of discipline to uproot those trees. Pray for safety of our loved ones on the roads. Strong winds are coming. We need to be prayerful

Matthew 6:5-6



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