Warfare Series

August 2021

For more than a year, I struggled with trying to get the Covid19 warfare reports done. It seemed impossible as there are new battles to fight and pressing needs to be met every time I tried to do it. My to-do lists pile up, much to my chagrin, while I tried my best to continue to stand and hear whilst the Holy Spirit tells me to get fit and strong.

But suddenly, this month, after the Dunamis storms, everything came together magically. What had been difficult and strenuous before became doable. God told me to clear the pile this month and get ready to listen to things He has to say about 2022 in September. 

V says: Share the “Warfare Series” – spiritual lessons and experiences on the field as we waged war against a strong and diabolical enemy over the past year and a half. 

So, in the next few posts, are the warfare series.



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