Things My Father Taught Me

2015 to 2019

I hope you have enjoyed listening to the podcast “Bringing Up Sara” which we posted a couple of months ago – which is the first part of the Book of Sara. 

This second part, “Things My Father Taught Me”, were lessons I shared with the community in the years 2015 to 2019. Together, they will be archived in the Library section as the “Book of Sara”, which is available for members only.

Continuing from the “Book of Sara 1, Bringing Up Sara”:

After being surprised and touched by the kind and gentle words of the Lord Jesus during my near-death motor accident, I was ravenous to learn more about this amazing God. I put aside all the principles and values I had held on dearly all my life, to learn to live life all over again, personally raised and taught by my Heavenly Father. 

I discovered that He has so much love to give and so much to teach. 

And the amazing thing is this - every time I think that I get it, He will cause it to eventually fall apart and I learnt to let it break, into yet another level of understanding. It was bewildering and confusing in the beginning, but the tenderness of the Lord protected my heart and kept me hanging in there. 

Learning with the Lord is like going on a journey – we merely get a glimpse into God’s limitless mind and His omnipotence. 

He cannot be boxed into a set of principles or understanding. 

It also humbles me to reckon with my mere humanity - how can my little mind possibly think I can know everything about God? 

Eventually, I came to embrace brokenness as a growth process, lovingly willed by my Father, as I journeyed on with Him in this life. And honestly, I cannot be more thankful or grateful as the world around me goes crazier and crazier.

So, these are only some of the things my Father had taught me, about Life and about Church, which I will post in the next few weeks:



  1. He is into the Family
  2. 四平八稳: The Perfect Balance
  3. God’s Perfect Will for My Health
  4. The Dunamis Power to a Full Life
  5. The 4 Disciplines
  6. No Fear, I am Bigger than Your Mistake
  7. There is Grace – Hallelujah I am a Sinner!
  8. Money – Your Slave or Master?



2.1  The Truth about Tithing

2.2  Loving the Church

2.3  Christians are Not Perfect, only Forgiven

2.4  The War is Over Praying



3.1  A Change in Seasons

3.2  The 3-Year War


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