The Key

5 January 2023

In the post “One Voice, One Sound, One Sign”, I was wondering what the “One Sign” was. While seeking for the word for 2023, I noticed a curious note in my old bible on Psalms 86, verse 17 “Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies may see it and be put to shame.


The One Sign is the Key

I had circled “sign” and noted on 12 Aug 2010 that it is the key to the gates of Zion, and the key is in the 40 Day Prayer and Fasting. This annual movement was started by the LoveSingapore network of more than 100 churches in 1995, to pray for our nation.



The Key Out of the Evil Doors

I am not sure if you remember, in one of the posts where Grace from China shared a picture of this scary doorway with many “口” (mouths). YY noticed there was a key inside (circled in red below) and that it was attached to a chain.


In Psalms 86 above, I had indicated that the sign is a key. When the enemy sees it, they will run away defeated. This key, which is fasting and praying as one, will open up evil doors that have kept many trapped (“2023: The War Over the Mouth” and “The Robbery of our Breath”).




Not only that, it says it is the key to the gates of Zion, the holy city of God. Well, I thought, that would be the safest place to be at, when war comes.


Stop Talking, Just Pray!

I shared the vision of the dumb elephant previously and this Chinese idiom 脚踏实地 (which meant to rely on what is stable, to earn an honest living, to do what is pragmatic).

In a worship meeting on 5 December 2022, my eyes keep fixing on the second word, 踏, which means to “step” [on something]. I asked the rest after the meeting about it. 

Joanna explained that the left portion of the Chinese character is the 部首, the primary section, while the right is secondary.

The left, which I marked with the red arrow below, is the word for “leg”. But it also is a combination of two other Chinese words : the top in the 口 “ko” , the mouth, as you might know by now. And the bottom, 止 (zhi) means to stop. 

Put together it means to “Stop Talking”. And since both words combine to form the word “leg”, it also means to be quiet (or vigilant) and to stand firm. 

Curious about what God is saying, I quickly made a note in my phone (below).

The right section, is also a combination of two other Chinese words, the top 水(shui) means water, and the bottom 日 (ri) means day, which KK explains that it may also refers to the sun, heat or fire. I thought they all depict the Holy Spirit and 

In our 4D teaching on Spiritual Warfare, I shared that instructions for warfare in Ephesians 6 emphasise “standing” before “praying” - both repeated 4 times! 

So this year is a time to stand firm in this war over our mouths - to fast from speaking when the battle is upon us so that we may partner the Holy Spirit in prayer, the only offensive and most powerful weapon in the armour of God.


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