The Joys of Worshipping God

MMM 9 Aug 2021

In COBS, our priority and focus is on worshipping God. As you read Florence’s notes from her worship journal below, you can perhaps appreciate why. Such a beautiful account of our Father’s powerful love and Presence as she worshipped Him at home.

Towards  the end of her worship, she wrote:

“The area where I was worshipping has a strong sense of perfume, so fragrance (sic)!!! I asked my husband if he could smell it, he could not. I sense it’s the fragrance of His presence as we worship Him.”

Right after she asked him,  the next worship song that came was this:


“Your Sweet Fragrance” David’s tabernacle of glory.

She sang this song in joy for God’s love for all His beloved as she sensed His fragrance of love spreading, bringing hearts to return, healing, awakening, restoring, and a great harvest ahead.



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