The Echo: 2 Down, 5 to Go

5 November 2021, Andermatt, Switzerland

Sharing with Kelly about the 4-in-1 Redemption lesson that God showed me this morning,  I felt I needed to ask her for the Chinese characters for them as she, of Taiwanese origin, has a far better command of the Chinese language.

She noted that the common Chinese character in them:


Which also means “return”. 


It’s About the Mouth

This character 回(Hui)is also interesting, Kelly says.

It comprises two mouths: 口 (ko)

The smaller ko is enclosed by a bigger ko, which is like a voice or a message being amplified.

Also, if paired with 音 (ying; which means sound or music)

回音 forms the word “Echo”. 


The 7-Year Anointing from 2020

This brought me back to when God told us during the watchnight of 2019 (on Dec 31, 2019) to watch our mouths for out from it, He will differentiate the upright and the wicked.

He described the wicked with several Chinese phrases starting with “self”: 

自以为是 (smart alecs),自以为义 (self-righteous), 自我意识 (self-believing),自以为然  (take things for granted) and so on. 

The Lord then said there is a 7-year anointing for those who are found righteous with God. And it has to do with what we say. And wherever the righteous put their foot on, the place will be honoured or exalted. 

As for the wicked, they will face destruction.


The Warning, Amplified

The 7 year starts from 2020 to 2026, so now we are at the end of the 2nd year.

Hence, the second mouth in 回(Hui, amplified. 

To watch our mouths, to watch what we say, this time even more.

Not surprising, when I think of it, the noise in the world over these last two years have been deafening and insane. 

Lord, thank you for reminding us, to be quiet, not getting caught up in the cacophony of dissension and confusion; to live a life simply believing, trusting and obeying Your voice; not allowing our “self” get the better of us. 

Two difficult and dreadful years have passed. Thank you for blessing and protecting our home, our loved ones, our communities and our country as we hide in the quiet of your Presence. May we continue to live, not by might or by power, but under your anointing, by your Spirit, for the next five years.


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