The Dunamis Storm

MMM 16/8/21, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

Five of us resumed our Monday worship together after a month of partial lockdown. 

When worship started, I heard lines from the Lord’s prayer:

“Lead us not into temptation

Deliver us from the evil one”

Your will be done.”

Matthew 6:9-13


It’s Raining Dunamis Power

The image on this worship song by Streams of Praise: “Taste and See” on the screen caught my attention:

It’s raining Dunamis power (the shape of the hexagon)!


Raining Triangles Too!

Then it’s raining triangles!

In the Library section for members, SOBS, Why Broken Spirit, Part 2: The Secret to the Power, I shared how the Holy Spirit showed me our need for God’s dunamis power in order to grasp the extent of His great love for us and illustrated how it is obtained through brokenness. The triangles represent broken spirits.


Another “1111” Kairos Time

After the meeting, I shared with those present and we watched it again.

Sharon exclaimed that it is the “η±³” (Chinese character for “rice”) – ref

erring to the flying sticks. 


Then I realised it is our “1111” sign. Something powerful is happening in the spiritual realm.

Joanna sees HSK and LHL faces (our country’s leaders). Only the head and shoulder portion, she says.  Her spirit felt heavy. It reminds me of my friend MT’s face in the coffin at her funeral wake yesterday. 


Life Comes After Death

“Death”. I see the word “Death”. Two weeks ago, the Lord says it is time to revisit the word for 2018. It will repeat itself for next year, 2022. I planned to review and wait upon the Lord in September to get a clearer picture. 

In 2018, KK and YY received the word that it is εΌ€θŠ±η»“ζžœηš„δΈ€εΉ΄οΌšA Year of Flowering and Fruiting. The Lord had shown me then that death comes before blooming and fruiting. We saw a slew of death of a great generation of spiritual and Christian leaders in the three years that followed. 

Does this point to another realm of leadership change and renewal? I thought of KK’s food stall in Tampines that went up in flames this week – a fiery end. But out of the ashes, rises the phoenix, which, according to early bible scholars, is a representation of the Jesus as He resurrects after a painful sacrifice. 


The Strong Ape-Man

I decided to lie down to continue my worship. The picture of the Singapore map on the wall caught my attention. 

I saw like a big gorilla from the East side flexing its muscles. Its right arm is going to crush the crouching animal on left. Let me mark it out below to show you what I see. 

The ape is outlined in blue. The word came to me: “Strong man.”

The crouching animal (outlined in red) reminds me of a little lion. Reminds me of the stone lion statues that used to grace the old National Stadium in Kallang. Our country is coined from “singa-pura”, Lion City, in the Malay language.

V had led me to read about the strong man when I was praying over bat intrusion at my patio in the past week. To take back authority and full ownership of my home, I must first bind up the strong man.

Mark 3:27, Jesus said, “No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house.”

The context of this verse is when the religious leaders accused Jesus of getting his supernatural power from Satan. To which he replied that the demonic kingdom won’t fight itself.

“Jesus called them over and responded with an illustration. “How can Satan cast out Satan?” he asked. “A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse. Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart.”

Mark 3:23-25 NLT

“Let me illustrate this further. Who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man and plunder his goods? Only someone even stronger—someone who could tie him up and then plunder his house.”

Mark 3:27 NLT

We need a stronger divine power, the dunamis power of God, to overthrow this strong man and kick him out of our land. And to stop him from hammering our lion.




The Fight is Over Temptation

Sharon adds, she received the word: “Temptation”. I concurred as I got that at the start of our worship.

There has been so much violence in our country lately. Crazy to think we have so many murders in a week in July alone! There was a mother who killed her 8-year-old daughter, the 16-year-old student who chopped a boy in school with an axe, at random, killing him, and so on.

Young people are losing it. Joanna shared that recently a school boy jumped off a building in a suicide attempt. I remember a report of a schoolgirl climbing over the rails onto the MRT train track.

Are these the result of the strong man in our midst? The demonic spirit that is driving many to mental breakdowns, self-harm and incomprehensible violence?


God sends a Dunamis Storm

As I continued to worship lying down, looking intently at the map, I saw a spiral going sideways, from left to right.

From left to right. West to East. Like a cyclone going through our entire country (I drew in orange above). Ohhhh… it’s from Bukit Batok, where we are worshipping at, to Changi airport in the East.




V: A “Dunamis storm” will come to cleanse your land and take back what the devil has stolen.

KK showed me a similar vision Florence saw during her worship at home on 9 Aug of a tornado. I will share it in another post. Things are surely churning in the spiritual realm. It’s the time of the “1111”.

After our lunch, as I was driving home, I heard God say: “Pray for the salvation of your two leaders.” πŸ™

He added:

“Prepare for strong winds.

There are more evil trees to uproot.

Pray for safety on the roads.”

Ah, evil trees. God had led us to chop evil trees during our first Covid warfare for our country last year. More trees to chop in this third, and hopefully last, Covid warfare.


Update 21 Aug 2021: “The Act of God”

From that morning, it poured day and night, with only a short breather in between. The skies had opened and the wind was strong. It stopped today at about noon but the sky is still filled with rain clouds. Looks like there are more dunamis rain to come.

I chuckled at a news report on Aug 18:

An act of God alright! :)

Thank God no one was hurt. Sharon thought that the tree trunk looks like a giant serpent. What do you think?


A Clash of Two Powers

Today’s papers reported that the flash floods yesterday was brought about by a clash of winds from the North and the South.

I marvel at the choice of words: “a clash of winds”. it’s a clash of two powers for sure. God sent his heavenly cyclone from the North and South to bring down the strong man.




When God is done, I trust that it will put a stop to all the evil and madness in our land.

Last night, I saw on TV news that an agency, NAM (National Addiction Management), will be raising awareness and help for addicts, not just for gambling and alcohol addiction, but also internet and gaming addiction. This is great news, we really need to tackle temptations and addictions. The internet is useful and entertaining but it can also become a monster. Especially during this pandemic. We all need help not just spiritually but also practical help.

I pray:

“Father, cleanse and soothe our land. Restore mental and physical health and safety in our homes, our schools, our workplace and our society. Bless our young people with a spirit of love and power and a sound mind. Protect and keep our families and leaders from harm, and lead them all to know the depth, height and width of your love and the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. Amen.”


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