Thanksgiving for The Lifeboat Fund From God (4)

December 2023

As we draw near Christmas, we want to take a break from our series of posts on “Bringing up Sara” to give thanks to God. This is a series of thanksgiving reports from our community in China.

Last November, the Lord impressed upon Sara, after our retreat in Pai, to start a Lifeboat Fund to help our brothers and sisters in China, which was under a hard lockdown. You can read it in the post:

** Names and certain locations have been changed for their privacy and protection.

Lian & Ebenezer
The sudden outbreak of the pandemic disrupted our normal lives. My husband and I were both out of work due to the pandemic. Our son was in the second year of junior high school. Just at that time, we received assistance from the Lifeboat fund amounting to 9,000 RMB. This was used for heating during the winter and expenses for the Chinese New Year.

We also received pandemic prevention and emergency medical kits, a total of three, one for ourselves, one for my in-laws, and one for my mother's family. At that time, the emergency medical kit was truly helpful because medicines were scarce and difficult to obtain.

Words cannot express our gratitude to God. Thanks to our Heavenly Father's love, the pandemic eventually passed, and our work and lives returned to normal. I am an employee in a small company, with a monthly salary of around 4,000 RMB. With God's love, our lives are filled with hope.


My father suffered from a large pituitary tumour that compressed his optic nerve, affecting his vision and hearing. For two years, he couldn't work. We are extremely grateful for the financial assistance provided by the Lifeboat Fund. It was during the most difficult times that God allowed me to see hope, lightening the burden on our entire family. Thank you, Lord!

During the pandemic, they also provided medicine that helped our family get through tough times and enabled my grandparents to persevere. It was a tremendous help to our family! Now, I have obtained a mobile phone repair booth and am doing phone repairs on my own. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for your love!


Lydia & relatives
We are very grateful for the financial assistance provided by this fund. This is also a testament of God's deep affection for us! It has given us hope in life. God won't let us go hungry, suffer from cold, or lack basic necessities. So, throughout the winter, with God's grace, I was able to get through the most difficult times. Thank you, God. Thank you to all the sisters. Thanks to everyone who helped us!


I am a late-stage lung adenocarcinoma patient who has been blessed by God's healing grace! I am grateful for the grace, blessings, and love from Sister Asha, who played a role in connecting me with the support. I'm also thankful to the Lifeboat Fund for providing two months' worth of living expenses during the Chinese New Year. It was truly a lifeline for me because one month's targeted therapy medication costs 11,166.96 RMB. This expense has already caused significant financial pressure, and the assistance during the Chinese New Year has alleviated the burden on my daily life. I'm grateful for God's grace and the love and support from fellow believers.



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