Thanksgiving for The Lifeboat Fund From God (1)

December 2023

As we draw near Christmas, we want to take a break from our series of posts on “Bringing up Sara” to give thanks to God. This is a series of thanksgiving reports from our community in China.

Last November, the Lord impressed upon Sara, after our retreat in Pai, to start a Lifeboat Fund to help our brothers and sisters in China, which was under a hard lockdown. You can read it in the post:

The Lord’s timing is perfect, as usual, the Fund was specifically set for only four months, past Christmas 2022, through the Lunar New Year in January, until March 2023. Here are some of their testimonies and thanksgiving messages which are shared with permission, translated to by COBS members in Singapore.

** Names and certain locations have been changed for their privacy and protection.

I am a breast cancer patient living alone in a remote village of Zhangye. With the support of national welfare, I was preparing to find work in Lanzhou when my physical condition gradually improved. I am very grateful to the Lifeboat Fund. I was struggling financially in Zhangye and was dealing with health issues such as loss of physical strength and facing a lot of stress. When I contracted COVID-19 and lay in bed in the winter, alone without any family members, God and the sisters in Christ were truly a light in my despair. Lying on my sick bed, I found hope in the word of God. I believe that God will not let me go without food or water, warmth or sustenance. Throughout the winter, it was by this grace of God that helped me pass through the most difficult times. Thank you God, thank you, my sisters in Christ.


Zhang is a full-time preacher who has been living by the faith for over 20 years. She writes: “I am a divorcee, with a daughter who is currently studying for the middle school entrance exam. I am extremely thankful to God, my sisters in Christ and the Lifeboat Fund for their help and support during the darkest moments of our lives. In the most challenging and anxious of times, their assistance has helped us get through them. The Lord has truly not forsaken us! 20 years ago, I made a covenant with the Lord and dedicated myself to His service. I would be willing to go to prison, if it is the Lord’s will.”


Madam Yu
We are an elderly couple. We work on our farm at home. Thanks to the Lifeboat Fund, we have been blessed with a bountiful and comfortable winter where we were able to keep warm. We were able to cover our heating expenses for the winter and celebrate the Chinese New Year. One of our grandsons has been able to find a job, and the other has returned to school. Life is back to normal now thanks to the blessings from our Heavenly Father! Our daily morning worship to the Lord brings us peace and joy. May our household continue to be blessed by the Lord!”


I am a widow with no children. I live alone and have now found work at a friend’s clothing store. I am grateful for the support from the Lifeboat Fund, which has helped me get through difficult times and saved me from hitting rock bottom. With the grace of God, I’ve witnessed love even from fellow believers that I have never met before and have deeply felt the love of God. I thank God and sincerely appreciate the support from my fellow believers!


Rui Rui
Ever since my business failed, I felt like I haven't been happy for even a day in the 10 years. All I had was anxiety, depression, and a sense of unease. That is until I met God. I felt that life had hope and direction, especially with the assistance from the Lifeboat fund. It helped us solve a significant problem for our family. All of us live in Xinjiang, and due to the pandemic, we were under lockdown for over 100 days, from summer to winter.

With no income for our family of four, and my sister-in-law being pregnant, I'm truly grateful for the immense love from our Heavenly Father. He provided us with financial aid, allowing us to spend the new year in peace and joy.

What's more, our Heavenly Father prepared an emergency medical kit for us. When I returned home, my family members tested positive one by one. Fortunately, we had the emergency kit, which helped us get through the difficult times. We even shared it with our neighbours and those in need. My grandfather is 87 years old, my grandmother is 83, and my younger brother's baby is only 15 days old, and they all tested positive. I continued to pray and thank the Lord for His blessings. We got through those times, and now, we are all healthy! Thanks to the Lord and our team!”




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