Season 4 Episode 1 It's All About Community

21 January 2022

Today's content is the beginning of the fourth season of our podcast.

It is a story about Sara Tay, the founder of the Broken Spirit community and how God called her and her family to start the Community of Broken Spirit.

There are eight episodes of Sara’s story this season.

The whole story is about how she went through life, marriage and now grandchildren and we will hear all about it from her own journal, written throughout the  last 10 years. 

In the first episode, Sara shares with us how she was prompted to leave the comfortable church life and learned how to have a happy, spirit filled and empowered life with the Lord Jesus, outside of church, beyond church walls. 

Now let us listen to the story of the founding of the Church of Broken Spirit.



How did you like the episode? We hope you enjoyed it. In next week’s episode, Sara dives into the many types of churches that have existed over the years from the Tabernacle to King Solomon’s temple to the churches we know today and what God’s vision for the modern church is.






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