Power Unleashed for 2022

14 October 2021

Last week, my two-year-old grandson uttered these numbers to himself several times as he played in my living room: 1178, 1178, 1178. I asked my daughter where did he get this number? She had no clue. We joked that we should go buy 4D (our local lottery) for that number. 

I was reminded of it this morning and went to check what these numbers might mean. 

Refresh to Renew

I found Hymn #1178: 

Spirit of Power and Might, Behold”

I took comfort in line 2 that a healing sound will quell the deadly strife… yes the pandemic shall be quelled and new life will sprout on earth once again… followed by line 3:

If sang the morning starts of joy…..what strains will angel harp employ when thou shalt all renew!”


Mindful that we are nearing the end of this Year of Joy and of “R”s, I hear V say: 

Renew. All shall renew. All must Refresh to Renew.


Pentecost Power

I looked up Strong's Concordance.

Strong’s 1178: “Dekapente”

Deka: 10

Pente: 5

Pente is also Pentecost

Pentecost literally means 50 (Greek) 

In Chinese, it’s δΊ”ζ—¬θŠ‚ (the Five Ten festival)

I looked up its origin.

In Palestine, there were two harvests each year. The early harvest came during the months of May and June; the final harvest came in the Fall. Pentecost was the celebration of the early harvest.


There were several festivals, celebrations, or observances that took place before Pentecost. There was:

  1. Passover
  2. Unleavened Bread, 
  3. The Feast of Firstfruits 
  4. And 50 days later would be the Day of Pentecost. 

The Feast of Firstfruits is the beginning of the barley harvest and Pentecost the celebration of the beginning of the wheat harvest. Since it was always 50 days after Firstfruits, and since 50 days equals seven weeks, therefore, they either called it the Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks.

Hmm… a powerful harvest in the seven weeks of May to June 2022…?

The Good Steward’s Reward

13 October 21

I receive a text message from Kelly: 

“God told me this phrase 2 days ago: Focus to unleash the power.”

Then today I received an email blast from Apple:

V then says to me:

About 2022: In this year, it will not be a letter like in past years but it is in numbers: 5 and 10. 

God will unleash Pentecost power in multiples of fives and tens.

It’s The Good Steward’s reward!

I am going to believe for our community members who have sowed faithfully over the past years, worshipping God, praying, doing good works etc, that they will see a harvest with Pentecost power of fives and tens by the middle of 2022. 

But first, we all need to refresh to renew.

Renew. All shall renew. All must Refresh to Renew.

Our mindsets, our hearts, our weary soul, need it. 

It is time to stop everything.

Take a pause.

Come to His waterfall.

Let His Spirit pour over our tired body and weary souls.

So that we may see with new eyes and a fresh mind.

And soon close this second dreadful year of the pandemic with joy, for the joy of the Lord has been our strength.



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