Our 2nd Battle Against Covid19, Part 1

May 2021

In April, I watched in disbelief on BBC News, showing millions of people in India wildly celebrating their many festivals, without any safety measures, bathing in the Ganges, jostling and laughing happily in the huge crowd, shoulder to shoulder, neck to neck, while the pandemic raged across their country at record levels, surpassing 300k cases a day!

This is not going to end well, I thought.

I expressed my fears and hoped that our government will stop migrant workers from India from entering our country until it is safer, although I understand that they are a critical workforce for our construction industry. Better slow down than grapple with another surge in infection and deaths and then have to lock down the entire country, I thought.

True enough, our second wave started from the airport, where infected passengers from high-risk countries passed the virus on to airport workers and it then spread to the local community. V had shown us in earlier warfare that the East, where our airport is located, is our weakest spiritual link.


Lockdown Again

Singapore went into “Heightened Alert” on 16 May, meaning a partial lockdown, as this new variant of Covid19 spread quickly into the community and to our hospitals. This Delta variant which originated from India, is found to be far more infectious.

The Lord tells us to get ready to battle once again.

29 May 2021, 12:24 pm

I started sharing with COBS Torchbearers on WeChat:

ST: So tired. Lying on my couch. Unable to sit up. In no position to fight any battles I thought to myself. Led to listen to this beautiful song “Shalom” by Laura Hackett Park.

“Shalom Shalom

The Lord is in your midst

Shalom Shalom

The Lord will fight for you

He won't let go

Through fire and wind and storm

Shalom Shalom

The Lord is in your midst ooh, ooh ooh….”


My spirit starts to lift with her stirring voice. I see two squares flying in the sky. Turning. Rotating.


I prayed: “Yes Lord I am not able to fight this fight. It is You who will fight for us.”




V: Now that the Eight have been chosen, four on each corner, back-to-back, standing, one heart, one soul, in awe and reverence for God. None of us in us. All of God. Then God will be in your midst.

The song continues:


And Your glory like a cloud is covering me now

The eyes of my enemy cannot see me

With safety You surround

Your people as a fire….


Full intercession report is posted in the Library section.


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