Celebrating with God: the Lunar New Year

February 2022



Chinese all over the world celebrate the most important event of the year – the Lunar New Year, which happens around January or February each year, marking the beginning of spring. 

In Singapore, we often have great fun doing the “Lo Hei” in the new year celebrations, which means “Fishing for or Gaining Happiness”. 

It involves tossing the yusheng (the raw fish, which rhymes with “having excess or abundance”) together with an assortment of shredded vegetables. This happens right after condiments like oil, crackers, pepper, five spice powder, kumquat juice or honey, are added into the dish one by one, with a blessing pronounced by the server that rhymes with the item being scattered all over the dish. 

I find this tradition, besides being really rambunctious, rather interesting as well, with each item bearing some biblical significance. 

In the earlier posts, I shared how God had impressed upon me the importance of celebrations as it is also a form of worship and how He delights in sharing in our joy together with us, especially over a meal. So it is also our COBS tradition to celebrate the Lunar New Year every year with a really good meal and the Lo Hei, except for this year, we have to break into different groups due to Covid restrictions. It is our reward for a year of working hard for the Lord. 

Here is a glimpse of our celebrations for 2022 in Singapore and in China. May you catch the delight of the Lord in us and with us as we celebrate His goodness and kindness for the past year and look forward to a prosperous and joyful new year ahead.



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