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I think it was Billy Graham who wrote that spiritual warfare around us is primarily in getting yourself down to pray. I couldn’t agree more. The devil’s strategy is to get us Christians so busy that we do not have time or energy left to pray.

If you have listened to the Spiritual Warfare section of 4D lessons in our Library, you will learn that this is the only offensive weapon we have in the whole armour of God. Prayer is very important in a Christian’s life as it engages the devil in a direct battle. The devil is most afraid of it. 

In the years I spent raising children and actively serving in my Church, it was hard to find time to pray. There were so many needs to meet and so many things to do, and when each day was finally over, I was simply too tired to enjoy a good conversation with God, not to mention getting down to do some serious praying.

But after the Holy Spirit taught me about having perfect balance in “四平八稳” bringing-up-sara-1-2-the-perfect-balance-2 I discovered that, with Christ in the centre of my life, prayer took on a different dimension. 

Every breath could be a prayer. 

Every thought could become a prayer. 

On the road or doing housework or even when out shopping, I often find myself praying even when I was not really intentional about praying. At times, God causes things to happen that I have to drop everything to run to Him, get down on my knees and pray. 

Many, many times, He pre-empted my needs and sent someone to pray for me even when I didn’t know I needed anything. I am so blessed to have so many God-hearing and God-fearing praying friends


Parenting is Mostly Praying

The first and foremost thing V told me to do after I quit my job to be home for my children was to pray for them. So, for about three years, from Monday to Friday, I hole myself up in my bedroom after breakfast to pray through Stormie Omartian’s book “The Power of a Praying Parent”, over and over again. Sometimes I would spend my entire morning praying. 

When my children became teens, I was so thankful for those years of prayer. The world around them had become very different – a lonesome one for a Christian teenager. When they went through their teenage angst, I simply closed both my eyes and ears and hung on to God for them. 

The Holy Spirit would often remind me of the verse God had given me about them:

“Your sons and daughters are taught by me. 

Great will be your children’s peace.”

And then assures me with these words, reminding me to declare it each time they face a crisis:

 “Surely all the years on bended knees have amounted to something!” 


That has become my prayer mantra for them. As they grew, I progressed into a new season of praying for them through another one of Stormie’s books, “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children”, over and over again, led by the Spirit.

Later on, I held a meeting for some women to do that in my home. The challenges faced by them were incredibly difficult and painful but once again, God proved himself capable of turning things around for them when they pray. In China, the COBS members got hold of Stormie’s prayer books that were translated in Chinese and held prayer meetings for their children as well. Again, miracles and breakthroughs followed as they prayed.

When my children went overseas for their tertiary education, I was prompted from time to time to pray for their safety, often enduring broken sleep, as they are away in a different time zone. Most times I entrust them to God to face their giants. There were two occasions, however, when I was led by the Holy Spirit to take the next flight out, thousands of miles away, just in time, to be with them in their darkest hour and steered them out of danger. 

I am relieved to see my children navigate safely into adulthood, healthy, fulfilled and a delight to God and to us, so thankful that God had led me to give up my career to be home to pray over my children. 

Indeed, all the prayers over them have amounted to something.


Early Morning Calls

At times when I was too preoccupied during the day, the Holy Spirit would wake me up between 3am to 5am. There were also times when the Lord would visit me in a dream. Sometimes I find myself waking to a song or uttering prayers in my sleep. 

I will ask: “What is it Lord? Who do I need to pray for?” 

Sometimes He is specific and leads me in prayer. At times, I would pray in tongues, not knowing for whom or what – I would just pray until the urgency left and peace returned. Times when I feel evil lurking, I would get up to anoint my house with oil or to pray over my sleeping children. If I sense a quickening in my spirit to read the Bible or to journal, I would quietly go to my study room so that I do not disturb my sleeping husband. 

When I am prompted, I would send a text message or call someone, even if it is in the early hours of the morning. On a few occasions, some have been saved from taking their lives with the Holy Spirit’s timely intervention. 


Update: April 2023

Let me cite a recent incident. My mentor pastor and I had goosebumps one day while having lunch with one of her ex-disciples, Jane (not her real name). Jane related that she had already pushed a chair to the window, ready to jump from her flat, when my text message appeared on her phone. It was a message to tell her to take an Elijah rest and that stopped her from killing herself. God knows what she is going through! She has since recovered from her bout of depression and is serving God productively in a new ministry. Praise God and thank God!

I am not alone with this kind of experience. I have heard of two testimonies: of a local celebrity and from a man I know personally. On separate occasions, they felt a strong force pull them back, one from a fatal fall, the other from the parapet where he stepped out from to take his life. And at both times, someone was praying for them. 

So, do not underestimate what your prayers can do. God is listening. So when the Holy Spirit quickens, it is best to stop, listen and pray.


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