Money Part 8: Handling Prosperity Well: BRINGING UP SARA 1.8

circa 2015 - 2019


I hope you understand by now that God intends for each of us to prosper in whatever talents and resources He has endowed us with.  

I like to first start here with a good old disclaimer from investment advisors: 

“Past performance is no guarantee for future results”. 

What I actually mean is, what God has done for me may not be the same for you. As a matter of fact, it probably will be completely different as God is an amazingly creative God. He knows each of you far better than you know yourself, so He knows exactly what you are going through and how to get the results He has planned for you. 

And so, while the investment advisors say there is no guarantee, in God there is absolute certainty of future results. It is whether, as I have said in this series on this subject of money - are you prepared to listen to Him, are you going to be a good steward and not a lazy servant, are you willing to learn from past mistakes and trust that He can turn things around, even your mistakes, when you turn to Him?

Success is always guaranteed with God. 

Just don’t run out of time on earth to taste it.


The Test of Prosperity

With much money also comes temptation and all the trappings – pride, arrogance, vanity and a sense of entitlement. The test of prosperity is really much harder than the test of poverty. It is very easy to forget God when you think you have arrived and the world sucks up to you. 

Don’t I know we are all capable of letting success and wealth get into our heads. Without realising it; money becomes god and master of our lives, and Mammon would reign over us. I beg God to constantly keep us in check and continue to bend and break us lest we forget God and our humble beginnings.

Money makes a good slave and a really horrible master. 


God Knows Who is Your Master

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit assured me in Luke 16:13-15: 

“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money. Then he said to them, "You like to appear righteous in public, but God knows your hearts.”” 

He said to me: “Do not fear becoming enslaved by money. If God is master over your life, you will naturally love Him and be devoted to Him and money cannot harm you or control you. If your heart truly serves God, you will never be enslaved to money, no matter how much God puts in your hands.”

To my relief, He adds, “God knows your heart, Sara, whether you love God or not. Those who appear holy, they can fool the believers, but can they fool God? What this world honours (the appearance of holiness, with an inward worldliness and pride) is disgusting to God.”


Thank you Lord! ❤️



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