Money Part 6: Take Ownership: BRINGING UP SARA 1.8

circa 2015 - 2019

My husband and I always discuss major financial decisions around matters like buying a home or making big investments with each other. We do not proceed without mutual agreement. I think we have a good partnership in this regard. 


Exercising Stewardship

Unlike the lazy servant in Jesus’ parable who did nothing with the resources God has given him, we do our part. 

My husband is one with a good eye for aesthetics and has good market feel and foresight with real estate but is cautious and hesitant. I am good at analyzing data and crunching numbers, so I keep a tab on our finances, balance our books regularly, talk to bankers, research market prices and work out our numbers before we consider any investment.

We watch against greed or vanity, we exercise good sense and ask God for permission with big decisions. Only when we are both at ease with the investment do we take the plunge. We missed out on a few “great buying opportunities” by being extra careful but I lose no sleep over them.

When our minds say go but our hearts are not sure, we wait and ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation.

One example is a property we purchased in Sentosa Cove. It was the first residential apartment development built just outside the main island of Singapore, on Sentosa Island, which used to be solely a tourist destination. While my husband was very attracted to the project, the price was high and the market was untested. It could go very wrong and there were a lot of holding costs involved, besides taking a fresh loan. I was not comfortable about this investment.

The market was hot though and the agent told us that if we did not make a decision on the spot, it would soon be gone. We told the agent to give us 15 minutes. We walked out and strolled by the beach, weighing our options, unsure if we could stomach the risk. So I said, “Let us ask the Lord for a sign.” (This is one of the few moments in my life I ask for a sign). 

Almost immediately, right before our eyes, a rainbow appeared in the sky, above the sea. We looked at each other and smiled, we knew it was okay to proceed. We made a good profit on this investment after a few years when the development was completed.


Don’t Shift Blame, Take Ownership 

For many families struggling financially now, I noticed that the partnership between spouses is not as fluid as mine. Well, my husband and I did not start off on the same page on our financial journey too as you can see in my earlier posts.. 

It started with me telling my husband what I heard from God - to quit my job and to get out of debt, impossible and contradictory as it sounds. When my husband cannot see how that will work, although I was frustrated at first, I took it to the Lord. I did not get angry with him nor did I let him shake my faith in what God has said. I know that God will provide even if my husband will not or cannot. In His time, everything will work out beautifully as the good book says.

I chose to be responsible for my own belief and happiness and did what is within my control, squirreling away whatever I can within the tight household budget, and looked for ways to multiply my savings. I allow for a margin of time, energy and finances for emergencies and to be able to do what God wants me to do at any time. I set financial goals, budgeted for our children’s education and planned for retirement. 

When I did my part, God did His, spectacularly.

So, if your spouse cannot come alongside you on this, know that God will do His part if you believe in Him and do yours. He is a faithful God. His word never fails.


Don’t Waste Time

Sadly, I know of people who are now in dire straits. They did not learn to master over money or were too comfortable with doing nothing or with doing only what they like to do, even when it continues to impoverish them. 

Some simply expect others to do it for them, even when God tells them what to do. And they continue to waste their energy and time on blaming others for their predicament. 

It is oft said - that time is money. It is so true. Time is the only resource that is scarce. Yesterday is gone forever. You have only “Today” and for some maybe, “Tomorrow”..

These are difficult times and it will get even harder. I pray for those who have wasted this precious resource, time, that they will get up from their victim mats and start to take ownership and responsibility for what God expects of us as good and faithful servants..


Make Money Work Hard for You

Maybe you have heard this before: 

“There are those who work hard for the money and there are those who make the money work hard for them.”

In summary, these are some simple goals and principles I follow to make money work hard for me:

  • Live within my means
  • Increase my savings every year
  • Own the home I live in
  • Get out of debt as soon as possible
  • Provide good nutrition for my family
  • Set aside money for my children’s education
  • Keep a margin for the unexpected 
  • Plan ahead for an active, exciting retirement life

Remember, it all starts with a plan. 

And God is ever happy and ready to be a part of it.




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