A New 15-Year Season: Revival (Part 2)

MMM 8 January 2024

After I got up from my prostate position of worship, I thought:

The first 15 years: 11/11/2008 to 11/11/2023

3 x 5: Three V’s (Triple Grace)

Grace upon Grace upon Grace

Then V said:

“Fifteen years ago, on mountain high, you raised your arms to open the gate to heaven, bringing down God’s blessing of grace upon grace upon grace. Over the years, you and your people have gone to places that the Lord had asked you to go to. At every place where you have planted your feet, you have blessed that land with grace. And planted seeds too...

Today, as you raise your arms in the first worship meeting of 2024, you open the gates of heaven once again, from mountain high, and now on this island, the sea before you.”

I am somewhat tickled as the picture depicts Singapore somewhat; our tiny city state, an island only the size of about 700 square kilometres, surrounded by the sea.

V continued:

“The next fifteen years (11/11/23 to 11/11/2028) is a Season of Revival.”

No wonder 2023 had been so difficult and painful. It took me an entire year to transit between the two doors, now I understand why it is a path of godly sorrow. The 15-year season of grace has ended.

I started to do a mental check of how many places we have gone in the last 15 years as V led us to… blessing the place with the grace upon grace upon grace… and started to scribble them down with the help of Google map on my phone.

Let me see, from this little red dot of Singapore on the world map, I filled in the countries, starting with the USA. I googled for the map of the USA with the states and realised we traversed mainly in the middle belt, from West to East. It brought back happy memories of some amazing time we had with the Lord there.

A thought sprang to my mind: revival will not come to the entire country but to select cities.

I started adding countries in Europe, Asia and Australia in the boxes.


I hesitated putting down Israel, for I remember that my first trip there that left me more troubled than excited.

Then V said: Do not omit Israel.

So, in obedience, I put in “Israel” and immediately my spirit started praying for this nation whom God so loves - that for the sake of ten, nine, eight, seven or five or even one, that He will remember the righteous and spare the nation.

I noticed that I had countries in the North, East and West of Singapore, but nothing in the South. Oh, I forgot, I went to South Africa and put it in the box. But upon checking with google map, South Africa is more South West.

I racked my brain to find a place in the South. A quick look again at Google map.

South of our country is where the biggest Muslim nation of Indonesia is, the country with more than thirteen thousand islands. I tried hard to recall… I have been there on vacations to Surabaya and Bali but not on a mission sent by God. Oh, there was one trip to Bali to bring back the huge storm cloud when our country was blanketed by thick haze, where the idol fell at the airport lounge… ☺

Just as I was about to give up, V reminded me of my small beach chalet in Batam, which V said I cannot sell it yet as it is a place of refuge and rest. Hahaha yes of course! It is complete, the 15-year journey is done. We have taken the blessings of grace upon grace upon grace and sent it North, South, East and West.

Afternote: 16 January 2024

While editing this post, I realised something else. After the encounter in Colorado fifteen years ago, we visited Asuza Street in Los Angeles before flying home. It was somewhat disappointing, which ended with the Lord asking me to bring the three wells of revival there back with me, to Asia. This was narrated in a book titled the Story of V, which Mel helped me ghost write in 2014.

And today it occurred to me – they are wells of REVIVAL!

The dots are connecting now… I did not only receive the blessings of grace upon grace upon grace 15 years ago but also brought back with me the waters of revival, for the season after! 

How fascinating is that? And there is more… which I will continue in the next post!



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