Feb 2022

KK sent this in Chinese, which I attempt to translate below:




22.2.22 is the most "second" day in human history. In the Gregorian calendar, it is 22.2.22. If you use Chinese numerals, it is February 22, A.D. 22 (22-02-2022), a Tuesday, the 22nd lunar month, a total of nine "twos."

In traditional Chinese culture, nine is the biggest number in numbers. 

The ancients created Chinese characters or words to record numbers, starting with one, ending with nine, all referring to events. Counting five thousand years ahead, then five thousand years before, there is only one nine "twos" in the same day. To encounter nine “twos” on the same day is truly unprecedented. We are very lucky; to witness this lucky day once in ten thousand years.

One COBS member commented:

The number 9 in Chinese also rhymes with “very long (in time)”. An eternal destiny

I sense that this is like a midpoint in history. Of what? I ponder. That ends after five thousand years! 

My life, our lives, on this earth is but a speck, of five thousand years past and then five thousand years in the future... what more unto eternity… 

So God, what do we do? Our time here is so so insignificant when put in this perspective. Is what we do or how we feel worth it? Why do humans choose to covet, kill and destroy, fight over rights and entitlements and opinions, as insignificant as we are…? And yet, you God is mindful of each and every of our miniscule lives.

Only by your assuring and ever Presence can we live in humble introspection and, at the same time, towards a meaningful life despite our little significance in the grand scheme of things.


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