2023: The Path of Glory

4 January 2023

I checked into a local hotel as I battled tiredness and disruptions after Christmas last year. Knowing that it’s just noise from the evil one, I just have to be alone with God - to be clear what He has to say about 2023, in light of the daunting future ahead.

As I started to review the notes on my phone, V asked me to see the pictures of what my two little grandchildren had come up with at my house on New Year’s Day instead. 

New Year’s Day

Ollie had rolled out an old ream of paper, as far as he can, from the patio outside across my living hall and to the kitchen. And asked his mother, my daughter, for crayons, after doing a victory run on the paper :)

 V remarked, as I looked at the picture of this long line of paper: 

It’s the Path of Glory”. 


  Ollie’s leap onto the “path of glory” 

Treasures and Milestones

Ellie, who just learnt how to walk recently, also decided to walk down this paper “path” as well.


 Watching her waddle, I recall what God had shown me, a few hours before that, on the watchnight of New Year’s Eve. I have seen myself as a little child and the Lord was holding my hand. Just like Ellie now, I was filled with curiosity and delight. I felt that I was starting a new walk all over again with Jesus, my first love. 

 Ollie was busy drawing many “X”s which are like pink crosses. I asked him what he was drawing. “Treasures," he says.

 Ellie also stopped to mark some random places as she waddled down the path. 

 V:Milestones. She is marking milestones.” 

What to Expect in 2023

I looked at the drawing in detail, which comprises sketches by my husband, my daughter and my two grandkids (“3 generations”, I mused). I quickly took a video of it before Ollie rolled it up like a scroll and brought it home. 

“It is precious,” he says. 

I thought the scroll depicts what 2023 may be like.


  Ellie and Ollie busy with their composition 

 I chop it in different sections below for you to decipher for yourself. ☺

  1. It starts with a man, with the cross in his heart. And two happy fishes, one blue and one green, the colours of the past years. This part was done previously by my husband at the request of my grandson, I don’t know when.


  1. Then it is followed by a long line of “milestones” and “treasures” along the way.


  1. And then a blank section, like a “pause”, like silence… God is silent?


  1. And a blob of pink and orange colours. 


  1. Then, more of Ollie’s “treasures” and Ellie’s “milestones”, before reaching a forest. The forest looks like a happy place although there was a blurry mess at the side, like confusion. But it is pink, so it felt okay. More treasures to be found in the confusion.


  1. After which is a dotted path, like a footpath, marked by the pink cross again.


  1. Followed by a picture of a woman and two children drawn by my daughter, and on top, a man, without a cross in his heart, unlike the first one. His feet were on a rocky path. They look sad…


  1. On top of his head is a dark mess. 


  1. Can you see a devilish face inside that dark blob? I thought it Interesting that a whistle was left on this messy blob, drawn by my grandson. The man is definitely under attack; his mind especially. 


         The whistle - a warning of danger? 

I recall a scene in the movie, The Titanic, where Kate Winslett used the whistle to alert the rescuers where she was, held afloat by her life jacket, in the cold dark ocean. So perhaps, the whistle is provided for the man to call for help?

Ah, as I look at the picture again now, I see the word “lifeline”. Thank you Lord ♥️

  1. Next section was blank space. Another silent pause. Seems to me like God is silent for a little while again.


  1. It finally ends with more pink crosses and then a happy cartoon face drawn by my grandson. Speaks to me of childlike faith and joy. I take comfort that 2023 will end well, with more pink crosses, more of Ollie’s “treasures”. 😄 


I remember teaching before about God's treasures that are buried in darkness… we just gotta dig.

As dreadful as I had thought the future is going to be, this scroll brought me comfort, as I felt God saying:

“No fear, for 2023, just walk down that path of glory laid out for you with childlike faith and you will discover treasures along the way. Not only that, you will be marking several milestones as well.”

Thank you Lord. In You we shall put our hope and trust.



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