2022: It’s 1111 Again!

Watchnight, 31 Dec 2021

Towards the end of 2021, I customarily waited on the Lord for my word for the next year after taking stock of the current year.

V showed me: 

About next year 2022…

22 is 11 + 11

It’s the 1111!

In November 2008, I was led on a magical journey to USA with Jenn. We were given the sign “1111” and the word “Dunamis”, which then appeared in surprising and unexpected ways and places throughout the journey. 

Years on, it became our signpost for many more such trips. It also connected us to kindred spirits who have also been getting the “1111”. 


It’s 1111: A Supernatural/Divine Time

During our watchnight meet up the day before New Year’s Eve this year, members gather at home and for some like us, in hotel rooms, in several cities, since we cannot meet in big groups due to the pandemic. 

We connect online via Zoom, and everyone get to share about their walk with God for the year and what is their word for the coming year. This goes on until about an hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve, whereupon we proceed to close the year with worship and thanksgiving, that we may enter the New Year with the Presence of God and with His love shared amongst us. We then take the holy communion together.

I laid down in bed in between sessions to rest, asking God for my word for 2022.

V reminded me of the 1111.

Then I saw the word: “Supernatural”. 

He went on to say, 

“It’s 1111 again. A divine and supernatural year for many of you.”

Praise God! 


1111 is always accompanied by His Dunamis power! 

It is going to be an exciting year ahead! 

But I also brace myself for a mighty clash of powers in the year ahead.


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