2021: The Wild Bull vs the Murderous Ox

12 Feb 2021, 1st Day of the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year of the Golden Ox arrived after a trying week caring for my grandson who was running a high fever.

Traditionally, we celebrate 15 days of the New Year and give out angpows "红包” (small red packets containing monetary blessings) to singles who come visiting. I have been apprehensive about using packets featuring cute looking cows and bulls because I am reminded of a big lecherous demon 牛魔王 (bull demon king) in Chinese mythology.


A Very Disgusting Bull Spirit

And oh, now I remember - the minotaur - which V led me to discover on a trip to Barcelona many years ago with Yanli. It is another lecherous bull spirit but this one is murderous as well.

We were then led by the Holy Spirit to a Picasso museum, which displayed a painting of the minotaur and a sleeping woman, wondering if it should kill her after sexually violating her. V said then that it is this spirit that has seduced Europe.

No wonder my spirit was cautious.

Arrggh, I ponder, what are we up against this year?


The Wild Bull of God

Reading my Bible plan of Psalms and Proverbs, this verse caught my attention:

 10 But you have made me as strong as a wild ox.
    You have anointed me with the finest oil.
11 My eyes have seen the downfall of my enemies;
    my ears have heard the defeat of my wicked opponents.

                                                Psalms 92:10-11 NLT


I looked up a couple more versions as I felt I needed to find out more about this ox, not sure if it is good or bad. Then V reminded me of the Complete Jewish Bible I have ordered which has just arrived from the US. It reads:

“But you have given me the strength of a wild bull.

You anoint me with fresh olive oil.

My eyes have gazed with pleasure on my enemies’ ruin,

My ears have delighted in the fall of my foes”

The Complete Jewish Bible says it’s the strength of a wild bull, not an ox, that God is giving us.


Difference between the Ox, the Bull and the Cow

I decided to check what is the difference between a bull and an ox. Wiki says:

  1. Oxen (plural of ox): are commonly castrated male adult cattle
  2. Bull: Intact male
  3. Cow: Adult female


An ox is castrated so the farmer can control it better to do its work… Oh my!




Thank you, Lord, for giving us the anointing of the wild bull – not of a repressed ox that needs to be castrated to serve you better. An anointing that is strong, steadfast, virile, productive, fearless and whole, that will see the ruin of those demonic, lecherous and sexually violent ox spirits.

I felt that there is more to this and planned to find some time from the busyness of the festivities to get a fuller picture.


Shocking and Untimely Deaths

Little did I expect the next six days of the New Year to be so deadly. While I personally found myself fighting a very bad eye infection, our nation was gripped by the death of five young men who died in a fiery, high-speed crash in their BMW in the early hours of the second day.


Just a few days before that, a man had killed himself after stabbing and killing his ex-wife the day before. And today, a woman was killed by a tree that fell on her in the park.

I know it is time to get the torchbearers together to pray.

We got some ox butts to kick!

... full report in Reports and Updates, Library section of the website for what the Holy Spirit led us to see and  intercede.  



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